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ASOW Eatery Station @ Jalan Tambun Baru, Ampang, Ipoh


It is a very long time already I didn’t have this level of excitement when I want to review a food spot. But this place, really, something I’ve been dreaming off to own for myself. A place with a good coffee, air conditioned, nice ambience surrounded by nature/trees/flowers. I have seen this kind of cafe a lot when I visited Seoul (Nami Island to be specific), Korea last time.

So, whats so special about this place? Well, first, it was located inside a plant nursery. The ambience was very nice, it was decorated and surrounded by flowers and trees and a method of planting known as Terrarium. Having coffee here was super nice!

Second, the food was awesome. They have plenty of choices in their menu and they served from breakfast to dinner. Truly, for me, the taste of the food tad bit above my expectation. But most of their menu are western foods. Hope one day they can offer some local delicacies too.

So my verdict?

Food:- Food is fantastic. There are plenty of choices. I think, it is the best cafe food I’ve tried.

Price:- Standard KL price.

Environment:- Superb! Ambience are super nice. Very cozy and highly instagrammable. It’s a cafe in a plant nursery. I just love it. Crew is friendly!


ASOW Eatery Lamb Grill

ASOW Eatery Lamb Grill.

ASOW Eatery Lemon Chicken

ASOW Eatery Lemon Chicken.

ASOW Eatery Lamb Grilled and Lemon Chicken

ASOW Eatery Lamb Grilled and Lemon Chicken.

ASOW Eatery Grilled Salmon 2

ASOW Eatery Grilled Salmon.

ASOW Eatery Lamb Soup

ASOW Eatery Lamb Soup.

ASOW Eatery Drinks

ASOW Eatery Drinks – Ice Blended Cappuccino and Ice Blended Green Tea.

ASOW Eatery Hazelnut Chocolate Torte

ASOW Eatery Hazelnut Chocolate Torte.

ASOW Eatery Burned Cheesecake

ASOW Eatery Burnt Cheesecake.

The Burnt Cheesecake is surprisingly good! Highly Reccomended!!


ASOW Eatery Side View

ASOW Eatery Side / Garden View.

ASOW Eatery Interior

ASOW Eatery Interior.

ASOW Eatery Interior 2

ASOW Eatery Interior 2.

ASOW Eatery 2

ASOW Eatery, Cafe Front Enterance.

ASOW Eatery

ASOW Eatery, outdoor at night.

ASOW Eatery 3

ASOW Eatery, outdoor seating at night.


ASOW Eatery Garden

ASOW Eatery Garden.

ASOW Eatery Instagrammable

ASOW Eatery, Highly Instagrammable.

Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*
View it on Google Maps:- ASOW Eatery Station Cafe @ Jalan Tambun Baru, Ipoh, Perak.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°35’18.0″N ; Longitude: 101°08’16.8″E.

Social Medias:- ASOW Eatery Station Facebook & Instagram.

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  1. Two words, horrifying experienced
    Hd arranged my wife birthday’s on Sunday but upon arriving was told wrongly book on Sat and the restaurant fully booked. Anyway that kills the mood and all orders were wrongly made even though given tables for our family groups. Services completely poor and food / coffee’s served just ordinary taste. Nothing to shout about as just nursery plant with simple lighting.

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