If you are an avid Nasi Kandar eater, you must already know about Nasi Ayam Merah Yong Suan in Ipoh Perak or famously known as Nasi Ganja (Marijuana Rice, not literally of course! Marijuana is illegal in Malaysia. It was given that name because you will keep wanting it once you try it, haha).

Well, this time I will post about another good Nasi Kandar in Ipoh for you to try, Nasi Kandar Majeedia at Jalan Bendahara, Ipoh. What so special about this Nasi Kandar is their Ayam Merah or Ayam Ros or whatever you want to called it. They claim their recipe was since 1985!!

So let’s see how good is it through photo, here’s my verdict:-

Food:- Well, the Nasi Kandar with Ayam Ros is quite good. But the best is the Sweet Wheat Porridge (Bubur Gandum).

Price:- The price is affordable.

Environment:- The restaurant is clean. Normal mamak restaurant.

Nasi Kandar Majeedia since 1958!!!

Nasi Kandar Majeedia since 1958!!!

Ayam Merah Majeedia

Speciality: Ayam Merah Majeedia

Bubur Gandum Majeedia

Specialty: Bubur Gandum Majeedia

Location Map:- View it on Google Maps:- Nasi Kandar Majeedia @ Jalan Bendahara, Ipoh, Perak.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°35’12.3″N ; Longitude: 101°04’47.8″E.