Have you ever been to Seoul Garden Restaurant? Do you like korean style BBQ? Well, I do love this type of restaurant when I’m hanging out or have some bonding time with my friends and families.

Rempah Warisan – Steamboat, Satay & Grill have the same concept as Seoul Garden Restaurant. You can pick your own raw meat for BBQ, steamboat fillings, vegetables, dessert etc all served as buffet so you can eat all you can.

The concept of Halal Stimboat & Grill buffet restaurant is quite rare in Ipoh so kudos to the owner for bringing this. I personally prefer this type of restaurant to have a mini gathering with my friends.

Anyway, let’s get to the verdict:-

Food:- Though there are not many options here compared to Seoul Garden, the food is quite nice. There are basically Chicken, Beef and Lamb for the choices of raw meat for the BBQ. And the marinating flavour is BBQ, Black Pepper and their own homemade Rempah Warisan marinate.

Price:- I think it just worth the price. For adult is: RM28 and children: RM16. (as at 2015)

Environment:- Air-Conditioned. But the owner said since they are using gas cooker it will be quite hot sometime in the premises when it is fully occupied. And they are planning to upgrade to electric cooker.

Other additional info:- Business card and contact number. Shop open from 6pm till 12am.

So, enjoy the photos below~


Raw meat choices for grilling.













So yeah, my friend ask me to put her picture in this blog.


Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*

View it on Wikimapia:- Rempah Warisan Steambot & Grill @ Station 18, Ipoh.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°32’41.4"N ; Longitude: 101°04’11.8"E.

Address: No. 36, Medan Stesen 18/3, Station 18, 31650 Ipoh, Perak