Yet another new hipsters café arrived in town and this time it is in Sunway city of Tambun Ipoh. Too much of new comers in this so called “hipster’s café” at the same time makes me hard to choose which one shall I review first.

This café is located in Sunway City of Tambun Ipoh. It is located near Restoran Kampung Ipoh. When I first went to this café to write this, it is still very new. To me, their decoration is really nice & creative and the environment is really cozy as the premises is air-conditioned (That is really an extra marks for them). It is really a nice place to lepak and have chit chat with your friends here.

During my second visit, this cafe has expended and more tables were added to cater more patron.

With regard to the food here, personally I think it’s okay. Some of the menu is different from another like Lemon Chicken Rice. The Chicken Rice is quite good.

So, let’s get to the verdict:-

Food:- You should try the Lemon Chicken Rice. Nevertheless I must say here if you had tried the Pakli Kopitiam Lemon Chicken Rice, it is better than this. Other food my friends said it is just okay. However, for the dessert, you have to try their cakes as they had variety of them. I love the Devil Food Chocolate Cake.

Price:- Normal cafe price.

Environment:- Air-Conditioned *This is really a plus point to me* Clean, very nice and creative decoration~

Other additional info:- Check out their website: Foods Project Ipoh & Facebook: And this is their MENU.

In conclusion, it seems that somehow there are something special about this café. The team behind it seems like very passion about their food project. Let’s enjoy the picture~


Lemon Chicken Rice


Homemade Beef Burger


Grilled Chicken Chop Blackpepper Sauce


Baked Lasagna


Grilled Chicken Chop Mushroom Sauce


Devil Food Chocolate Cake


Daim Cake


Red Velvet? I’m not sure for this


Belgian Waffle (This, as the owner said, is still new and might not be in their menu yet at the time of this post)


Puding Sedut


Plain Water











Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*

View it on Wikimapia:- Foods Project Cafe @ Sunway City, Ipoh.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°37’41.8"N ; Longitude: 101°09’06.5"E.

Address: 1, Jalan Sci 1/7, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh, Perak