Nasi Lemak in Klang Valley area nowadays I believe is overly modified. You’ll never get good Nasi Lemak unless you put in some additional dishes such as Sambal Sotong (Chilli Squid), Ayam Masak Merah (Chilli Chicken), Sambal Kerang (Chilli Cockles) or any other side dishes. Good plain Nasi Lemak is very hard to get.

View of stall No. 6.


When talked about Nasi Lemak, Malaysians love Nasi Lemak. We ate it during breakfast mostly, but now we even took it during lunch and dinner or supper. What an unhealthy lifestyles we have, furthermore Nasi Lemak + Teh Tarik. However, we can’t deny that it’s good, isn’t it? :naktak:

Anyway, the place I want to write this time is quite famous spot in Petaling Jaya. It is known as Medan Makan Jalan 223 or Selera Jaya 223. It is quite a well-known place, so I’ll just make a short post this time as just to complete my food journal.

So, my verdict?

Food: The Nasi Lemak is very good. There are add-on too if you want. But the original Nasi Lemak is good. I tried the Sup Kambing (Lamb Soup), ok la, quite nice too.

Price: Original Nasi Lemak is cheap, RM1.50 I think. you may add some other side dishes available there. Lamb soup is around RM6 I think. So to me, it’s reasonable.

Environment: Normal food court. Cleanliness is moderate.

Other Details: Telephone number for stall No. 6:- 012-3717 007 / 012-2660 369 (Gerai Yatie/ Pak Chu 916). I’m sorry, I’m not able to get Stall No. 2 phone number.

Anyway, enjoy the picture.

Nasi Lemak from stall No. 2.


Nasi Lemak from stall No. 6.


Nasi Lemak from stall No. 6.

Fyi, there are 2 stall selling Nasi Lemak here. Stall No. 2 and 6. Some of my friends like the Nasi Lemak from stall No. 2. But for me, both are having quite the same taste. :nari3:


Sup Kambing (Lamb Soup)


Location Map:- *click for bigger picture*

View it on Wikimapia: Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang @ Medan Makan Jalan 223, Petaling Jaya.


GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  3° 6’0.37"N; Longitude: 101°37’59.95"E.