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Restoran Murni Discovery @ Taipan USJ, Selangor.

or in English, Murni Discovery Restaurant @ Taipan 9 USJ, Selangor.


Yeah, found one more amazing restaurant at USJ Taipan Business Centre, before this I had blogged one good Ayam Penyet Restaurant HERE. Taipan Business Centre was quite famous to the Subang peoples as it offers lot of restaurant to hangout for late nite dinner or supper.

Murni Discovery Restaurant Front View


But this restaurant that I will blogged about is the newly opened restaurant and one of the branches of a “quite famous” restaurant in Kelana Jaya. The restaurant named Murni Discovery and I think they served amazing foods here.

Anyway, before going to this branch restaurant, I had go to it’s main branch, and I’m quite upset with its food =(. But this restaurant change it all and I will tell you why later. At their main branch, it’s so pack with people, service was quite late and food was not too good (to me lah). I’ve long time not going to their main branches mainly because too many people there.


So my verdict for this restaurant.

Food: Wow, it’s nice man!! Really you should try this restaurant. Ok stay calm~ Erm, to me, the food is quite good. They have plenty variation of foods, from western to local foods. Some of the dishes is a blend of Local and Western food, for example the Chicken Chop Fried Rice, so it’s quite unique here. They did provide you the menu for you to choose the dishes, but my recommendation are, as for this time (15/2/2011):

– Nasi Goreng Ayam Pandan, and

– Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop.

And I will update this recommended list as I visit the restaurant again later, InsyaAllah.

Environment: Better than the main branch. Easier to order. Bigger and Comfortable.

Price: Affordable. Not too expensive compared to Williams Corner. But food portions is smaller.

Therefore, hope you enjoy the food pictures after the break.

Visit Murni Discovery Restaurant Facebook Page.


The Menu


Chicken Chop Fried RiceNasi Goreng Chicken Chop


Tomyam Fried RiceNasi Goreng Tomyam


Ayam Pandan Fried RiceNasi Goreng Ayam Pandan


Ayam Pandan Fried RiceMee Raja Ayam Pandan – Not too good though for me.


Taking order via PDAThis one I think is the coolest, they take order using a PDA. Damn!! =)


Map: *click for larger size


Location Map

Details map: Murni Discovery USJ Map via Wikimapia

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 3° 2’47.74″N; Longitude: 101°35’14.70″E.


  1. Murni SS2 tutup setiap hari apa? mcm pnh dtg sana hari isnin, die cam tutup jer…

  2. you taking order with PDA,trying to show to us that u are 5 star restaurant,but always come with wrong order,your waiter is tone deaf,dirty,sometime 1 pants fold one side.You put a bell for service at the table,but no waiter came to entertain you,the came after 100x ring…i have travle everywhere,and been to many restaurant,my husband is a chef,in a 5 star hotel,we eat everywhere,but your restaurant is the worst,take your PDA throw into the river and ask your waiter to be professional and presentable…i will never come to your restaurant anymore nor i will recommend it to my friends…don’t try to bullshit people with your webside and picture,showing off with PDA and stuff,cus that’s all mean nothing if your food is dirty, unprofessional,wrong order most of the time,and food never come at all…if its one time i will never come here to complain,but this is the 3rd time.To the owner..don’t just sit back and do matter how big your restaurant your place is full of shit,and only people who don’t know the quality of the food will go there,sorry to all the people who happen to love the place..if the same thing happen to you and your probably burn down the restaurant…

  3. I went to Murni restoran today,taking my mom who came frm penang,1 order nasi goreng ayam,and i found 1/2meter of hair in my rice,complain,then the waiter,took the hair maybe to England fr DNA test,and never return back to me,so i tinggalkan the nasi goreng ayam,i went to pay to food,waited there almost 10 min at the cashier counter,tapi noone care to come,i should just run away,but when i think of,i’m a muslim,i waited,finally came 1 dirty girl,to settle my bill,and she told me they cancel my nasi goreng ayam,so i said,to her,so many time i came here,your service,food always come sucks to me and my family,and did u even know wht this food were cancel? she said no i don’t know…so easy she answer,i sakit hati,no one came to ask,or do new nasi goreng to me,insted they took charge and cancel my food…i hate this restaurant,is cus u got so laku with your restaurant,dose’t mean you have to rude and unprofessional..i hope your restaurant close one day for good…

  4. hello. just a quick question. is murni discovery the same with murni ss2?

  5. :naknanges: i like but i puase!

  6. salam,
    i just checked out murni at Amansiara yesterday. love their array of mocktails and iceblended and juices! really had hard time figuring wic one i want. so end up with 2 glasses each for me and hubby! so full we did not dare try on any food. btw i ordered ‘me utara’ for my kid and it turn out urmm.. ok la (mamak level).
    im just curious as i saw the fengshui cat sitting on the counter. i mean, usually that cat will be put on non-muslim shops only. i havent seen muslim shopkeeper, esp restaurante to put it right out (and bright).it makes me wonder..who the owner is?

    • i’m reasonably sure that the owner of this restaurant is a chinese~but if you are in doubt of the halal status of the food, they mention in their facebook that they have the Halal certificate at the counter.

      Or you may just ask them, they will answer you politely~

      Glad find you have a good time there~^_^

  7. slm mior. just wanna ask u smething if u wish u wanna go to the murni discovery again? im quite curious about the word ‘ham’ and ‘bacon’ in the menu; nasi grg bacon.. from what i know, they’re from pigs. ham, we can assume that as chicken ham.. but, bacon, i never heard of chicken bacon.. or in malaysia, bacon is from chicken.. bacon is exactly from pigs i guess.. but, i was hesitated enough bcoz the workers were Malay… or Sabahan.. muslim or not..not sure.. n u said u’ll make sure the shop has halal jakim with it.. just wanna ask u a favor.. or u knew it.. if u go to the murni shop next time, cn u pls ask the waiter what is bacon for them.. is it pig or chicken or beef wtever.. im hoping to see your reply.. thank u

    • Wasalam,
      Thanks for your respond on the halal status of this restaurant.

      First of all, I’m sorry bcoz I’m not very sure whether there are halal logo or not in this restaurant, but I did see some sijil at the counter which belong to a Muslim name.

      And I’m sure that there are muslim workers here as I had seen one of female workers is wearing Hijab (or tudung in malay).

      And for your ques on the bacon, I had seen chicken bacon being used before, if you don’t believe me, you may go to Carl’s Jr fast food restaurant, bcoz one of their dishes name Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger, they did say that they used chicken bacon. I also had go to Giant supermarket in Seksyen 13 Shah Alam, they also sell chicken bacon.

      But above all, I’m sorry again bcoz I did not confirm the halal status here. I’ll make sure that if I go there again and will contact you through you email, InsyaAllah. But if want fast answer, just ask them, I think they will be okay about that~^_^

      For now on I will just put a disclaimer that this restaurant may be halal because of the reasons I gave before.

      And just to remind you, they may not have halal logo because they also served non-halal foods like Williams corner restaurant.

      Hope this answer satisfy you~Have a nice day~^_^

      • woah.. its my first time knowing that chicken bacon exists in this world..poor me..n im quite relieved knowing they’re Chicken bacon. but, the shop itself, was not sensitive to these things or terms. btw, thank u vry much for ur commitment replyng the cmnt. i did search for the official website of murni discovery, hoping that i get their phone no, but i found nothing. again, thnk u vry much. 🙂 slm

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