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Another new Halal café was born! Yes and this time it is around the Greentown area, or specifically just beside the infamous Thumbs Café and it is known as Karatz Café.

This restaurant is using an old school elements for its decorations which bring the name Karat, which might mean Rust. It is in an old Kampung house which previously is an orphanage house.


At the time when I came to this cafe, the menu is still small as it just opened in a week or two. I believe it has been expended now as the time fly. One of the notable menu is Assam Pedas Fish with Rice set. Most of the cafes in Ipoh is focusing on western delicacies and lack of our own local dishes. So kudos to the team of Karat 135 cafe for bringing the local delicacies in their menu.

I had the opportunity to came here twice which allow me to try their variety of foods. So, let me just give my verdict first.


My Verdict:-

Food:-The Assam Pedas is quite good. The Lamb rack is also nice but the portion is too small for the price.

Price:- Reasonable.

Environment:- Nicely old house with an old school theme.

Other additional info:- Business Hours: 5.00PM-12.00AM (except Wednesday) | Contact.: karatcafe135@gmail.com.

Instagram: Karat 135 Cafe Instagram

Anyway, let’s go for the food pictures


Lamb Rack


Meehoon Goreng


Nasi Ikan Assam Pedas


Grilled Salmon??


Strawberry Punch


Caramel Milk




Asam Peppermint Drinks…what?? Sorry I forgot the name.











Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*



View it on Wikimapia:- Karat 135 Café @ Greentown, Ipoh.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°35’55.4"N ; Longitude: 101°05’51"E.

fadzioriq On March - 28 - 2015

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