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Seri Cerana Restaurant @ Pinggiran Sungai Pengkalan Datu, Kelantan


This time I want to blog about the restaurant/foodspot that I went during my trip to Kelantan and Terenganu. I really have a great time there, and looking forward to come here again in the future to explore more interesting foodspot as I know, Terengganu and Kelantan is a very unique state in Malaysia when it come to local dishes.

The Entrance

Okay, let’s go straight to the point. This restaurant is quite unique I think. It was not an exclusive restaurant, the interior wasn’t that great when you compare it with another same standard restaurant, but somehow it was unique to me. The restaurant is a floating restaurant at the riverside of Sungai Pengkalan Datu, Kelantan. We stop by to this restaurant when we are on our way to Kelantan from Terengganu.

Brige to connecting the platform aka eating area~



The dining area.

While this restaurant has offered unique experience to it’s customers, it also served you great dishes!! Yup, the food here is quite delicious to me. Well, without pictures, this post is useless right? Let’s just enjoy the foodtoshot taken by me~ (note that this photo is not taken by my new GF~*if you wondering why the image quality is not so good*)

Our menu.


Sizzling Tofu


Ok, this is the best I think, Fried Chicken with Lemon Sauce.


Tomyam. The tomyam is really Good~


Fried Cuttlefish


Fried fish with sauce.


Kerabu Mangga.


Food: Hurm, to me the dishes here are quite good. The cooking was fine, the presentation was okay.*If you notice, the presentation of the food in the picture is quite dull right? This is because our bus arrived late from the time they served the food, they served at 12pm, we arrived at 1pm~huhu*

Environment: The environment was unique!! As been stated before. However the condition of the eating area is quite scary too. You know, as the place was floating on the river, anything bad may happen if the weight come to its limit. I was hoping nothing bad would happen on that day~huhu.

Price: I’m not really sure about the price as it has been handle by my trip organizer. However I believe the price was affordable to all. This is based on a reasoning that the restaurant was located in village area, so the resources is not very expensive to get.

Location Map:- *click to enlarge*

Or view details map of Seri Cerana Restaurant via Wikimapia.

GPS Coordinate:-

Latitude: 6° 8’17.62"N ;Longitude: 102°19’20.22"E

Okay, that’s all~Enjoy you day!! ^_^

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