Halal N Lovin' It

or in English are Bean Sprout Chicken Rice @ Huri Chicken Rice Restaurant.

Salam, okay before this I had review one good and halal Nasi Ayam Hainan (Hainan Chicken Rice) in Ipoh, and now lets go eat for Nasi Ayam Taugeh (Bean Sprout Chicken Rice). Nasi Ayam Taugeh is very familiar with Ipoh. When people say Nasi Ayam Taugeh they will think of Ipoh. But most of the place that sells it was run by a Chinese. This is maybe because the origin of the Nasi Ayam is from China, so they run the business from their descendants I presumed.

Edit: The restaurant had changed its location, I will post the front view of the restaurant later.

For the Muslim, it may be hard for us to eat in the Chinese restaurant because of many reason. For me, I love Nasi Ayam and craving to try the Nasi Ayam Taugeh but I can’t if it is in the Chinese restaurant. And luckily I had found one restaurant that serve good Nasi Ayam Taugeh. The name of the restaurant is Warung Bunga Raya. The restaurant was located at the Gugusan Kampung Manjoi. I’ll give your the map later.

For me, the food is good. There are variety of them but this time I focused at the chicken rice first. The Chicken rice is very good, taste likely like chicken rice from “The Chicken Rice Shop”. And the Price is cheaper for me. The restaurant environment is good also. But I think the restaurant may be hard to find for outsiders as it was located in the village area (actually it was easier if you know the place). So I give them 4 star maybe in my opinion.

Okay, let’s go to the food-toshot lah~Read More please~

Bean Sprout and Chicken [Eatz.me]The Chicken is inside the Bean Sprouts~

Bean sprout Chicken Rice Side 3 [Eatz.me]

Bean sprout Chicken Rice Side 2 [Eatz.me]

Bean sprout Chicken Rice Side [Eatz.me]

Normal Chicken RiceChicken Rice Overview [Eatz.me]

Fried Chicken [Eatz.me]

Chicken Rice Side View [Eatz.me]

So where is the location? Refer Map below:
Hari Nasi Ayam Map[eatzme]2

Details Map HERE.
GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 4°37’4.57″N; Longitude: 101° 3’48.49″E.

*Edit: Restaurant had change its location, but its near to the old location. The name is also changed to Huri Nasi Ayam.

fadzioriq On January - 16 - 2010

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  1. umie says:

    salam…bleh x sape2 bgtaw no utk contact tmpat 2? ASAP!..tme ksih^^,

  2. Anonymous says:

    insyaalah…i will go there if i've got time..thanks…

  3. fadzioriq says:

    owh~nice one…maybe I should try that later~thanks~^_^

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