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My Water Moments

Holla, this post is for the contest made by Nuffnang.

Okay, Im sure everyone have their own favourite pet right? If not everyone, maybe most of us. Some of us choose Cat, some go for Birds, or some choose exotic one like Snake, Gecko, etc. 
And for me, I love Fish. Why I love fish? Because they are cute and very colourful for me. And not forgetting that they are easier to be taken care~=P So, for my pet, I have an aquarium for them at my house. 
So how does it reflects the theme, My Water Moments? Because with the Sony TX5 camera, Me (and also my Fish) can have a better, clearer post under water. Yeayyyy~that’s very cool though.
And you know what, my fish are quite a cam-whore type of fish. I dun know why, but they like taking pictures. So I take a lot of their pictures. And maybe if we have the Fish Next Top Model, they could win it for a sexxay post you know…haha. Below is one of their sexxayyy pose~

But it’s quite frustrating when sometimes the picture taken are not very clear because of the glass of the tank was blocking them. Yeah, I don’t have the money to buy our own water-proof camera. So I had just to snap it outside the tank and must just bare with it. =(
And I also thought that it would be better if I can take the snap shot with the fish together. Of coz not by me enter into my fish tank lah, haha. If I have the Sony TX5 camera, I can meet the cute and famous Nemo and ask him to take a photo together in the crystal clear quality underwater. 
You know, like this:

nemo with me []

but in a waaayyy better quality of course, because with Sony TX5 it will let me hug nemo like other people take their shot with their favourite star. 
And of course, with this Sony TX5 camera, I can also take pictures with Human underwater also!! Yeah right, but not only underwater, we can do both. Thanks to Sony for producing this great gadget. It would be better with the touch screen functionality, I can even view and edit my photo under water easily!!! Hooyeh, thats sooooooo COOOOLLLL!!! haha~ More on its cool features, you may refer to Sony Websites, HERE.
Anyway, I only can dream for all this right now because I have not yet got the gadget. And I really hope I will win this~hihi =)


  1. Farra Dhelina

    June 24, 2010 at 5:01 AM

    comey2 😉

  2. haha~=)

  3. haha..comel seh pic "dlm air" tu..=p

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