Ayam Penyet or Lalapan Ayam is a simple delicacies from Indonesia. *Done claim*

Nevertheless of its origins, I, as a Malaysian, have to admit that we have found love in this Indonesian cuisine. The same way we all found love to our national food, Nasi Lemak. *Done claim too*

However, due to many love they received, Ayam Penyet has become too commercialized until it has lost its originality and become too fancy. What I mean is that, some Ayam Penyet has been modified to put extra side dish in it such as Terung Balado or Tempe etc in it, thus, it is not very simple as it should be (At least, that’s how I believe original Ayam Penyet should be?

Sambal Ayam Penyet

The Sambal. Ayam Penyet is never complete without this set of sambal for you to choose. The same situation in many Ayam Penyet stall in Indonesia.

In Ipoh, I think it is quite hard to find Ayam Penyet restaurant. There is one in Mydin Meru, Ayam Penyet AP which is as I said, not very original and quite fancy and it is quite expensive too.

However, my quest to find good Ayam Penyet in Ipoh is finally comes to an end when I met Ayam Penyet at Jawa Cafe. I can say that this is the most original Ayam Penyet restaurant / stall / cafe in Ipoh! (And you are welcome to beat me on this).

And why do I said so? Well, see my verdict on this restaurant.

Food:- Best Ayam Penyet in Ipoh I guess. The sambal is superb! Though not the spiciest I’ve taste, but it’s thicc and have a very strong taste! The chicken is fried when ordered, thus, it is fresh and hot. The chicken meat is very tender yet very crispy on the outside!

Price:- The price is affordable. Unfortunately the owner decide to raise the price when the restaurant gains some popularity. Last time it was RM7 per set of Ayam Penyet. Now it has become RM8. Well, life goes on…you still need Ayam Penyet!

Environment:- I must say, this restaurant / stall is very Indonesian. The ambiance, the patrons are mostly Indonesians during weekend. The music they play is Indonesians’ favorite which is Dangdut music!!

Protips:- Seat outside if you want some cool air-conditioned air. It’s bit hot inside the restaurant.

Anyway enjoy more photos below:-

Ayam Penyet Jawa Cafe Ipoh

The Ayam Penyet in Jawa Cafe. Ayam Penyet should be this simple.


Pecel Lele Jawa Cafe

The Pecel Lele


Bakso Jawa Cafe Ipoh

The Bakso. Another Indonesian signature dish.


Es Campur Jawa Cafe Ipoh

Es Campur. Never tried this before, but its good.


So how to go this cafe? This cafe is located at Lower Ground of Yik Foong Complex in Ipoh Town. Refer to the map below.

Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*

Ayam Penyet Jawa Cafe, Ipoh Map
View it on Google Maps:- Ayam Penyet Jawa Cafe @ Ipoh, Perak.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°35’49.2″N ; Longitude: 101°04’53.7″E.