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Steamed Rice with Grilled Chicken BBQ @ Cowboy Place / Watie Beach Cafe, Port Dickson.


Okay, skip dulu any review of Ipoh foods. This time I will review one restaurant that I go during my holiday to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. Actually there are a lot of restaurants there, but I’ll just review this restaurant because I think they are quite unique because it does not served seafood (as in most restaurant in Port Dickson) but a western-like type of food.

Anyway, maybe I’ll just make it short this time because fyi, this restaurant only had one menu which is Nasi Kukus and Ayam Panggang (Steamed Rice with Grilled Chicken). But yeah, they also have other side grilled foods like sausage, chicken inner and I’m not sure whether they also had grilled fish or not~

The limitations does not stop us to try this restaurant, and surprisingly the restaurant also quite crowded that day (maybe because of the holiday season). The limited choices of menu also happen to drinks where they only have cordial drinks like Red Rose (air sirap) and Grape. huhu~

The Chef – One fierce looking Cowboy, isn’t she? 🙂

My verdict:

Food: Well, the menu is very small, cannot comment much, but the Grilled Chicken and the sauce that comes with it was good!! However, I think the portion of the rice is quite small~huhu *I eat a lot :hehehe:*

Sometimes I see people come and go for a short while, maybe because after they know this cafe had only one menu, they refused to continue to eat here.

Price: Reasonable.

Environment: Just another roadside restaurant (Well, Cowboys normally eat roadside right? Nicely decorated according to the theme, Cowboys.

Well, enjoy the photo~*map / address details below*

This is where the rice being cooked, using steaming method which will make the rice soft.


This is the Chicken BBQ. Good. And the sauce also Nice.


One of the side order they have, BBQ Frankfruter.


Location Map:- *click image for bigger size*

Or details via Wikimapia here: Cowboy Place Map.

This restaurant is located at: Lot 1360, Jalan Pantai, Batu 6, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:   2°28’1.93"N; Longitude: 101°51’19.48"E.


  1. wow.. deco btl2 mcm stail cowboy n cicken bbq tu looks yummy… ngam dgn sos kut..

  2. salam… wah makin besar tempat ni ye!

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