Yeah, our last day in Surabaya. Sorry for the very late update about this. I have so many things to go through. Starting with my final exam and few other personal things~huhu. Anyway, I’m in holiday now, so I’m free to post to this blog, yeay!!~

For those who had lost on what am I talking about you may read my 1st and 2nd Post on Surabaya Food Travelling.

Ok, lets go for the food travel story. For the third day we only manage to go for one restaurant only because for breakfast and dinner, we eat at the hotel.

Okay, for our lunch, we go to Javana Ikan Bakar and Seafood. The location is at Jalan Sulawesi, Surabaya. Details on location will be mention below.

DSCN0146 []

About this restaurant food, I thinks it’s nice~More to Chinese style of food. I even saw some Indonesian Chinese groups eating here.=) Yet, you must not worry on the halal status of the food, our tourist guide guaranteed on this.

Anyway, enjoy more food-toshot after the break. =D

DSCN0162 []

Look for the Road Name: Jln Sulawesi 44 and Contact Number: 031-501 8637.

DSCN0169 []

DSCN0163 []

Love this soup.

DSCN0155 []

DSCN0154 []

DSCN0153 []

Black Pepper Sea Shell.

DSCN0152 []

DSCN0149 []

See the environment of the restaurant.

My Judgement

Food: Was nice. I really like the soup, although I already forgot the name, huhu. Maybe because I love Chinese food.

Environment: Good, very comfortable and nice.

Price: N/A (I’m not sure).

Map: I really not sure about the road, at the above picture it says in Jalan Sulawesi. Try to find it in Google maps but really not sure about it. So instead of giving false direction, I will not give you any direction here okay. The road in Indonesia was really confusing one. You must get a tourist guide if you are not familiar with that place.

In conclusion

Our journey in Indonesia was great!! Really looking forward to visit there again if I had the opportunity. Maybe going to Bandung next time?? There maybe a lot of food that I had not explore from this journey. Need to go backpacking next time, hoho.

Anyway, thanks for reading my post about Surabaya, Indonesia foods.