Okay, this is just a short review. Yesterday me n my gf had some problem to find a place to eat for our lunch. We want to eat at the place that has an aircond (it was very hot outside) but have a cheap food yet special instead of fast food. After a long discussion and suggestion, we go to the Tesco Shah Alam food court (Not Tesco Extra). Erm, Tesco Shah Alam is located near the Bulatan Malawati exit to Federal Highway. There are several stall serves good food here. There are also famous JM Beriani (I will review later) here.

Ok, so there are variety of food and stall at the food court. I choose for the stall named “Masakan Thai”. I ordered for “Nasi Goreng Thai” or “Thai Fried Rice”. Ok, no more talk, lets look for the picture after the break.

Tesco Nasi Goreng Thai Overview Side [eatz.me]

Tesco Nasi Goreng Thai Close Up [eatz.me]

Tesco Nasi Goreng Thai 1[eatz.me]

I give 3 star maybe.The taste is quite good or normal. The price is RM 4.

Thats all~bye~