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Thai Asam Fish Restaurant @ Section 7 Commercial Center, Shah Alam.


First, Happy Chinese New Year, to any of my chinese readers *if I hv one*. Back to writing. This time I want to write about one restaurant which is quite famous among my colleague and my lecturers during my schooldays at UiTM. This restaurant is located at Pusat Komersial Seksyen 7, Shah Alam, which is very near to UiTM Shah Alam second gate.

Restoran Thai Asam Fish, Pusat Komersial Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.

Food here is good, and unique too. It’s a fusion cuisine combining mostly Chinese type of cooking with some Western element. Restaurant is air-conditioned, so if you want to find good restaurant for lunch in Shah Alam (well with tropical climate, it was really hot here at noon) other than McD, KFC, whatnot, this is the place.

However, I would like to remind you that unless during UiTM Shah Alam semester break, this place will be crowded with people, so there will be quite a traffic jam. And another thing, this restaurant owner is not a Muslim. But this restaurant is very familiar among Muslim people, so perhaps the restaurant owner already aware of the Muslim sentiment when it comes to food they eat.

My Verdict

Food: “Good Halal Chinese Food in Shah Alam”. To me, among the best.

Environment: Restaurant is air-conditioned. The layout is like typical chinese restaurant.

Price: Quite pricey. But reasonable. Some of the price list *Price may vary*: Mantis Prawn Menu & Chicken Menu.

Shops open all day for lunch and dinner on weekdays, they rest at 3PM – 4PM. Closed on Sunday. Thanks my friend, Suriati for the info. Anyway, enjoy the pictures below~


Mantis Prawn

This is quite special. One of my friend really love it, he never miss to order this when he came by to this restaurant.


Chicken Buttermilk. Normal, but still something good to try.


Chilli Squid.


Last but not least, Kailan Ikan Masin (Kai-lan with salted fish)


Classic Chinese Tea Pot


So, that’s it. This is our order.


And POOF!! suddenly the dishes disappears~

My classmates is really good at eating and finishing our foods~haha


Location Map:- *click to view large version*

View it on Wikimapia:- Thai Asam Fish Restaurant @ Section 7 Commercial Centre, Shah Alam, Selangor.


GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 3° 3’54.36″N; Longitude: 101°29’24.30″E.



  1. Kelly.fengyii

    June 25, 2018 at 4:54 PM

    Uncle Loh is coming back ! Same Shop ! The shop is currently renovating.

  2. Hi,

    Went to the Restoran last Friday and ordered the Thai Assam Fish, Butter Prawns, Butter Chicken, Sizzling Taufu and Brinjals…I took my family of 5 and the food was magnificent and the best part the bill was less then RM 150. Good food at affordable price.

  3. Hi there…

    Can u email me ur phone number…it could be easy for me to make booking…


  4. hey, it’s closed on SATURDAY not SUNDAY! By the way the opened the whole month during puasa. But then, better booked a table first, before it’s full. =) hope the information is helpful.

  5. 🙂 the food is good! the cook is a nice guy. the old uncle he got kicked out bcoz he cheat the restaurant money.

  6. My colleques and friends want to have lunch on 13 oct st 12.30pm but when we reach there, a old chinese uncle serve us but with rude altitude. He not just being rude but no menace and throw the menu infront us. We are damn angry and walk ou from the restaurant. This is first and last I ever enter to this restaurant.

    • Hi Brian Lim,

      We went there some times too, yes indeed the old uncle are rude, yet he got fired already. Why not go and have a try again. 🙂 The food are sure one of kind which are delicious 🙂

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