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Kilang Roti Segar @ Manjong, Perak

or in English, Roti Segar Factory @ Manjong, Perak.


Okay, this time its not really a restaurant actually but its a bread factory which have a small restaurant inside it. The main food is the freshly baked bread and various pastries made by the brand named Roti Segar. So, you just imagine yourself sitting down peacefully in the restaurant, having a cup of tea with a freshly baked from oven bread, it was amazing isn’t it? And by the way, this restaurant also serve various “bubur” like “Bubur kacang hitam”, “Bubur Jagung” and etc. I really recommend the Bubur.

DSC02401 []

Actually this post is made after my trip to Teluk Batik, Perak. The restaurant is located just on the roadside of Ipoh-Lumut Highway. So when I was on the way back to Ipoh, I stop to the factory aka the restaurant. And I was intending to made a post about my trip to Teluk Batik, but maybe I was just not prepared yet to made this blog a travel blog. Maybe next time InsyaAllah.

My trip was a fun one, indeed. Among the good places that I go plus I was never get there before this, is the Malaysian Royal Naval Base Camp in Lumut, Perak. It was a fun trip, we had been brought to feel the life of the Navy on the warship and get to know how the warship looks like, the interior, function and so on.

Anyway, lets get straight to the point, maybe picture will do the better talk. Enjoy it after the break~

DSC02381 [eatzme]

See a lot of cars there. A lot of people come for fresh bread.

DSC02380 [eatzme]

DSC02400 []

Cute Cupcakes

DSC02388 []

Colourful Cakes

DSC02394 []

Kek Lapis (Layer Cake)

DSC02399 []

Sweet Bun

I think this looks promising. And the taste is good also. You should try. And this pastries was just been taken out from the oven when I take this picture.

DSC02392 []

Chicken Croissant

DSC02391 []

Black Pepper Chicken Croissant

Below is the environment of the shop.

DSC02384 [eatzme]

DSC02393 []

Entrance to the kitchen, “No Entry” and “No Photo” it says~

Anyway, I don’t thing I need to give a specific verdict on this post as it is not really a restaurant but just a unique pastries shop to try for. And I also didn’t manage to try the bubur because it had finished already, huhu. But I heard from some people it was good.

We just manage to buy some pastries and brought it home. And I think the pastries is GOOD!! I wonder how it taste if we eat at the restaurant when it was newly taken out from the oven.

By the way, it was just another Bumiputra’s bussiness for you to support to if you are a Bumi’s.

Anyway going here is easy, you just need to find Ipoh – Lumut highway and go straight to Ayer Tawar. From Ipoh it’s about 1 hour to go there.


Just click the link to wikimapia HERE. Just look at where the pin point, then follow the trail of the road. Ok? :hehehe:

Sorry, I was unable to give you the screenshot here because it was just as easy as finding a R&R on the highway, if you know what I mean. I cannot put the big map here, its not practical. Thanks=D.

Don’t think you need a GPS coordinate, it was just beside the Ipoh – Lumut Highway. But on the “to Ipoh” side. If still needed please tell me.

Thanks for reading. Hope you can comment~ :iye:


  1. Nur Azyalinda Yahya

    February 23, 2017 at 11:45 AM


    Saya berminat untuk membuat lawatan pendidikan unt kanak2 taska d kilang roti segar ni.. Dengan siapa sy boleh berhubung.. sekiranya ada alamat dan no.telefon mohon kerjasama tuan/puan untuk email kepada sy. Sekian terima kasih.

  2. Ada deliver roti ke area Puchong tak?. Pelanggan saya mencari roti segar. Saya masih mencari pembekal roti untuk diletakkan di kedai saya. You can ctc me the above email address @ 012-2425482. Saya menjalankan business halal mart. Appreciate you could reply my eail. Tq.

  3. hehe, aku suke travel blog.. buat jer travel blog, takyah pikir byk2.. takpun campur aduk jer content.. buat blog rojak.. haha


  4. bungkus bawak balik s.alam! 😀 :larigumbira:

  5. Waa sedapnya. Definitely something I will try. Can also imagine the fresh bread smell, mmmm….

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