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Okay, this time I want to review one fine dining restaurant for you to try in Shah Alam. The restaurant are The Asiari Restaurant: Home of Asia’s Best.

The location of the restaurant is at the main entrance of Shah Alam City Centre (SACC) Mall. Me and my friends go to this restaurant because we have some sort of mini dinner for our club. It was just a simple dinner to celebrate our hard work for 1 year term. Anyway, we did have fun there, and so with our stomach, hoho. =D

DSCN1368 [eatz.me]

My friends~haha, they are funny indeed~

This restaurant to me is suitable for a family-like dinner or for a date. The environment is fine.=) Anyway,  enjoy the food-toshot after the break.

I think I have nothing to say much. Only that we all did enjoy our dinner here. I think all the food was quite good and unique. So I hope you just enjoy the picture and you may try it if you want. Oh ya, if you are UiTM student, and you have bf/gf, maybe you can date here~ :blublublu:

DSCN1354 [eatz.me]

This is part of what we have per table. The price for this set are RM80+-.

DSCN1331 [eatz.me]

DSCN1343 [eatz.me]

Roasted Chicken

DSCN1357 [eatz.me]

DSCN1351 [eatz.me]

Sweet Sour Fried Fish

DSCN1348 [eatz.me]

DSCN1326 [eatz.me]

DSCN1324 [eatz.me]

DSCN1362 [eatz.me]

Sweet Sour

DSCN1321 [eatz.me]

Black pepper beef I presumed.

DSCN1319 [eatz.me]

Seafood Kerabu

My Verdict

Food: Actually it was quite good you know. The food was quite unique from other restaurant. Worth to try.

Environment: I forgot to snap a picture, but it was a nice restaurant.

Price: Reasonable, standard KL/ town area food price.

Map: *Click for bigger image*


Details map via Wikimapia: Asiari Restaurant, SACC MALL.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 3° 4’18.00″N; Longitude: 101°31’5.43″E.

fadzioriq On November - 28 - 2010

4 Awesomest commentators!! Thanks~ ^_^

  1. hehe salam ziarah, hehe best laa nampak makanan tue.. hoho, student uitm ade duit ke nak makan camnie? cam mahal jer.. hohoho

  2. hp says:

    the food is amazing in asiari

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