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Happy Fasting To All Muslim~

ramadan-wallpaper-19 Image courtesy of imuslimz.

Yes, the month of Ramadhan had come once again. I’m using this opportunity to wish all of my blog readers who are Muslim, Happy Fasting. Hope that this Ramadhan will guide us nearer to Him and make us blessed.
and I also will take the opportunity of this fasting month to go and look for the best Bazaar Ramadhan around me and search for some nice food, InsyaAllah.

Happy Ramadhan~Happy Terawikh~=)

Jadual Waktu Imsak dan Buka Puasa Malaysia 2010 (berdasarkan website JAKIM):


  1. boring, dua2 dah ada~hehehe

  2. Salam Ramadhan!! ehh.. korang dijemput follow blog movie ini .. —> [sambil korang follow.. korang leh download movie terbaru.. Movie Tekken & Ong Bak 3 pon dah keluar da.. ]

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