If you had came to this blog previously searching for a good hipster café in Ipoh, you might have came across my post about Mat Periuk Café in Kampung Tersusun Tasek. And this time, I want to write about it’s branch in Tambun Ipoh.


So most probably this questions will come into your mind when I said this is Mat Periuk’s branch, what’s so special about this branch? whether the menu is the same of different with the main branch? whether the food was better or not? And many more questions comparing the two branch.

Well, fyi, Mat Periuk Jr serves quite a different menu with it’s brother where here they were focusing more on Burgers. If your notice from it’s menu, you will see that there are like 3 pages for a list of burgers. However, there are also other types of food such as Chicken Chop, Lamb Chop, etc.

My Verdict:-

Food:- The burger that I ordered (IPOHMARLEY with fries) taste normal. I mean not as normal as the typical roadside burger in Malaysia but I don’t find any specialties in it. BUT, I might had wrongly ordered my food because I actually don’t like Beef burgers, I normally take Benjo burger or maybe I should’ve took the Chicken burger that day.

Price:- Normal cafe price.

Environment:- Nice deco but there are some tables n chairs makes me wonder of the reliability and safety becoz the frame is so thin~

Other additional info:-You may refer to their facebook page for any details: Mat Periuk Cafe Facebook

In conclusions, as much as I love the food in Mat Periuk Kampung Tersusun Tasek, it is sad to say that their branch didn’t impress me much. But let me just put a caveat over my statement that I’m not into a fancy burgers.


Now, I present to you, IPOHMARLEY Burger!! Their signature dish I presume? It’s a beef burger where the patties are made with a special secret recipe invented/inspired by Chef Kamarul. There are other several choices for Beef burger such as ORIBEEF, ITALIANO, Mr. PEPPER, BURGERTAH, BURGER BAH and many more choices for Chicken burgers.

IPOHMARLEY Burger with Fries.


Meatball with Fries.


Chocolate Crunch Milk Shake


Since my friend ordered, I had to post this here~ 😛

Mango Juice


More pictures below (trying to test my artistic skills) together with the details on the Cafe’s location.

Mat Periuk Jr Menu. As you can see they mention Burgers, Meatball & Nachos.



Burger’s Set.



The Cafe Interior. See the table and chair! I sat on it safely!!













Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*

View it on Wikimapia:- Mat Periuk Jr @ Desa Tambun, Ipoh Perak.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°36’16.8"N ; Longitude: 101°08’45.3"E.

p/s: A little bit of suggestion, I would love to see fish burger in the menu~

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