Urgh, it was so hard for me to update my blog due to extreme slowdown of the internet. But nevermind, typical excuse for bloggers, don’t want to talk about it.

Firstly first, I would like to wish my muslim blog reader Happy Eidulfitri and I would like to ask for your forgiveness if I’ve made any wrong to you. I know, it may be too late for me to wish you right now~huhu

Second, I also would like to make an apologize because I failed to update on the Bazaar Ramadhan as I had promised before. But, in this post I will make a round up on the various foods at the Bazaar Ramadhan that I go generally.

In the first day of Ramadhan me and my friends go to Bazaar Ramadhan Seksyen 13. This bazar ramadhan was so famous that I couldn’t buy any food or anything on that day, because there was so many people coming. Because Bazar Ramadhan Seksyen 13 was known to be the biggest Bazar Ramadhan in Malaysia. But I’m not sure whether its true or not. However, I was able to snap some picture. Enjoy the picture below~(warning, massive amount of image)

DSCN1130 []

DSCN1132 []Urghhh so many people~

DSCN1134 []

DSCN1133 []This girl looks sad~izzit bcoz the food is oredi finished or what?aaa~

In a few days after that, I go to Bazar Ramadhan Seksyen 18. This time, it was quite good. Very recommended by me if you are people from Shah Alam. This Bazaar Ramadhan is quite big (it’s not big but long actually). I presumed the length of the Bazaar was like 2 km like that. It sold many unique, from what I see, food. Just enjoy the picture taken.

DSCN1162 []

DSCN1178 []

DSCN1176 []Pau Power~Quite in big size~

DSCN1166 [] Very colourful~

DSCN1169 []

DSCN1168 []

DSCN1172 []

DSCN1174 []

DSCN1175 []

DSCN1156 []Chicken wing nyum2~

and then me and my friends go to Bazaar Ramadhan Seksyen 17, near the Shah Alam Bus Express Station. We only go for the short while.

DSCN1159 []

DSCN1161 []

DSCN1160 []

DSCN1158 []

but, in this Bazaar there was a unique stall that sell variety types of Roti John. Among other are Roti John made from Rabbit, Goat, Ostrich, Deer meat. There are more but I cant remember all. Unfortunately I was unable to take the picture of it, T_T.

Erm, for this Ramadhan I frequently go for Iftar (means break-fasting at the Mosque) to save some money. Buying foods at Bazaar Ramadhan cost me a lot of money and I’m not yet to be working. So I’m really sorry I break my promise and I really hope you can understand me.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading my blog~=)

P/S: You see how the variety of foods that available in Malaysia, until you can get pokai just by going to Bazaar Ramadhan.T_T.