Or in English, Prawn Fried Rice @ Stall 34, Dato Sagor Food Court.

Salam, this time I want to review one stall in Ipoh that I frequently visit during my attachment period to have my lunch. The stall is located in a food court called Medan Selera Dato Sagor which in this food court there are variety of foods available. This food court also known as Medan Selera Payung, because this food court is an open rooftop food court, so they put big umbrella on every table to cover the patrons from rain or hot weather.

Dato Sagor Food Court [eatz.me]

The food court is located just beside the Masjid Negeri Perak (Perak State Mosque). And behind the Ipoh Hall. If you are a tourist, this place may be easily be found as it is located near to many historical places in Ipoh. The location map will be given at the bottom of this post. So now let’s go to the best part first, the food-toshot of the food. Please read more~

So, the name of the food is Nasi Goreng Udang but it contains more, Seashell~ There are many stall here and the stall I mention here is Stall 34. In my opinion, the taste is normal but it have some speciality which is the the freshness of the prawn and seashell. The place was not too clean, some of you may not like it but I believe the food is been taken care of the cleanness. And the price is reasonably cheap. So in my opinion they deserve a 3 star for the rating.

Stall No 34 Front view [eatz.me]Front view of the stall~

Nasi Goreng Udang Overview [eatz.me]Food Overview~

Nasi Goreng Udang 1 [eatz.me]

Neway, that’s all the food-toshot. Have many but it just the same pic. Nvrmd, so you may try this fried rice or they are other choices of fried rice you may choose. Maybe later I may add up the food-toshot of other fried rice.

Neway, the location of the food court:

medan dato sagor

Or you may refer more details map HERE.

Update: So, this is a food court where obviously there are many great food to try. Another good food to try in this food court are the well known Half-Boiled Egg with Bread and Nasi Lemak. This food are best eaten during Breakfast.

Nasi Lemak from Gerai 26
Nasi Lemak from stall 26 – Gerai Sri Mutiara Kinta (Niceee!!)

Half-Boiled Egg with Bread aka Roti Telur Separuh Masak dengan Roti aka Roti Telur Goyang Medan Selera Dato Sagor
Half-Boiled Egg with Bread aka Roti Telur Goyang Medan Selera Dato Sagor. This is from stall 25. But some say the one on Gerai 23 is better, I’ll leave it to you to decide. 🙂