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Economic Lunch @ Seksyen 6, Shah Alam.

Lunch@S6 Shah Alam Yeah lets makan again~ Long time no update~ Haiyaa~ Okay, today wanna show you one fine place that very3 cheap and delicious also. Yeah, love cheap food that delicious~

The restaurant is located at Seksyen 6, Shah Alam, near the wet market. I’m not sure about the restaurant name but I will show you the picture of the restaurant after this. Map HERE.

Oh ya, before that, if you wanna come to this restaurant, please came early before 1pm because after that the lauk will not be too fresh and the place will be crowded as there are student and workers eating here. So I’m afraid you will not get a sit if you come late.

So, what makes the restaurant so special?

The answer are the taste of the food and it came with very reasonable price. Here, there are several lauk that I’ll recommend you to taste it. For example, the Ayam Madu or in my opinion it taste like Chicken Teriyaki. Donno, I just liked it. And then the Kerabu Taugeh (Picture in Read More).

Okay, what are you waiting for, hit read more to view the picture.

Okay, I have taken a lot of picture until I don’t which the best, this I think the best shot I’ve taken. So enjoy the photo and don’t forget to try the food.

The Restaurant

Variety of LaukThere are Variety of Lauk Available.

For this review, I’ve taken the ‘Ayam Madu’ plus ‘Kerabu Taugeh’. For me, I always take the ‘Ayam Madu’. I like the taste . Taste like the Chicken Teriyaki at Jaya Jusco but with more cheaper price. Below is some of the sexy shot of the Ayam Madu.

OverviewFood Overview

Front ViewFront View

Chicken View

Nice PoseSexy Ayam Madu or Honey Chicken pose.

From Taugeh point of view

Kerabu TaugehKerabu Taugeh

Ok, for the rating of this review, I may gives 3 star maybe?? or 4 star instead?? I dont know, I just like the food here. But maybe only the place is not too exclusive, so some of you may not like it.
That’s all for now. Enjoy the food~. If you have any question, you may ask here.


  1. looks delicious…. :ngeh3:

  2. I have eaten here, this place you got many rice and it's cheaper.

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