You may saw some changes had been made to this site rite? Yeah, this is for your convenience surfing this food blog. Among of the changes that had been done are:
  1. The shoutbox
    Here is the place if your want to chat with other visitor or anything you want to talk. You may critic, maki or what not here. Please don’t make it at the comment column bcoz I’m too lazy to moderate the comment section. The comment column is for commenting the post only.
  2. The Twitter Update
    Here you will be inform on short update of my life. What I do currently whatnot. I will be informing on where I go eat and my other blog post ( update. I will also update of any news.

  3. Skribit
    Here you may suggest anything. Food, blog, etc. Please don’t chat here. Only suggestion. If not I will delete it.

  4. Ads
    Yeah, although that not my main purpose of blogging, but I have put it. For my side income. Maybe with the money I may improve my way of writing and write/ explore more halal food.

Okay that’s all I believe. Erm, okay, I have several ideas on future changes I want to make to this blog. Among other, like to index the post. I may be sort it by “state”, “price” and “country”. If you have any other idea on this blog I really appreciate it. I really hope to give best convenience  as possible as I can to this blog reader.
And finally, I would like to announce that this blog update may be slower starting from now until 12 November 2009 as I have an examination to go through. It is just slower, not stop. Therefore I hoe the reader can bear with me.
That’s All for now~