Holla la la la,

Howdy everybody? Good? First of all, thanks anyone who visits my website and read my post. Okay, this time I don’t want to make any food review. I will do a short post on this site update. This post shows you any change I’ve made in this site and any guide for any stuff here that can be used by you to make your surfing easier.

Okay, first, I had add more advertisement in this website. If you can notice it, each in my header, top side bar (large rectangular) and bottom side bar. This is to increase my side income from this website. I feel sorry for some of you who think that my action had bring difficulties to you to surf this website, but I had to do it. By increasing my side income may improve my writing skill. So, I’m really glad if you clicked the ads for me. If you want to thanks me, you MUST may clicked the ads~Thank You~hehe.

Second, I had include the Location Index page. Please check it out. Here I will sort the food review based on the location of the food. So it will be easier for you to check the good halal food around your place. If some of you may wonder why I didn’t just use the label/ categories function, it is because I think it will be quite confusing. It’s hard to organize it like I want. Maybe blogspot team should look into this on how to make the blogger easier to organize the label/ categories gadget. Anyway, nvrmd~ I hope you can make used the Index Page.

And maybe sometimes you may see other authors updating this blog. Yes, thats is because I’m inviting some of my friends to participating in my blog. So you may see some other style of writings maybe. And if you have any problems with their style, you may comment it the Contact Me page. Maybe I will also introduce them to you later~

And as been mentioned before, we have a Contact Me page. So you may leave any comment there but not advertisement. It will be strictly be removed.

Anyway, that’s all for now, thanks for reading~ ^_^