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Steven Western Corner @ Damansara Old Uptown

Steven Western Front []

If you searching for a good steak, other than Station 21 at Bangsar (which will be review later), you may go to Damansara Old Uptown. Map here. Here, there are variety of foods available from East to Western foods. And this may not the best steak available here. From my observation, there are 3 most famous stall that serves steak here. Yazid, Pirates/ Lanun and Steven~

And btw, this is a chinese stall, for you are very particular with the food, no offence. But its is halal, don’t worry~ But if you are very particular, you can go for Muslim western food, whether Yazid or Pirates/ Lanun. If you want to know about the price, you may refer to the picture above, try to enlarge it~

To me the presentation is good. Place is OK. But the taste is not so good compared to other steak stall like Yazid’s and Lanun. My friends and I prefer the Grilled Chicken~3.5 star for them~

Erm, I have nothing to say anymore, so enjoy the picture~

Chicken Grill@Steven Western []Grill Chicken with French Fries, Coleslaw and Fried Egg~

Chicken Grill Near 2@Steven Western []Close Up~

Chicken Grill Side@Steven Western []Close Up from the Coleslaw~

Black Pepper Steak@Steven Western []Black Pepper Steak~

Chicken Chop@Steven Western []Chicken Chop~


  1. how much it cost you?..

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