Yosh, long time not updating this blog under “Admin Blurbs” category. Under this category I will update on the current progress of this blog. Anyway, actually there are no major progress on this blog, but there’s one interesting news want to tell you.



I want to introduce you our new website, kinda like of our little brotha, Erm, as the domain spell, I hope you know that this is our live blog. Actually, I had dreamed to have this live blog for quite some time before. But unfortunately I just don’t have the gears to do that. Before this I had a phone with a camera but it wasn’t enough because it doesn’t have flash on it. It was hard because I always go eating in good restaurant at night, this bring disadvantage to me.

Anyway, as my old phone had damaged (because I accidently going into swimming pool with it), so I get new phone which fulfil my needs, yeay!! Alhamdulillah~ Mind you I’m not came from a rich family, I buy this with my own saving money and half had been top up by my mum.


Just for your information, live blogging is where the bloggers are updating their blog through their mobile phones. So the post of the blog will be as instant as what the bloggers is currently doing. It was good for those who love to report any news or information that occurred around them faster in their blog.


My Target.

Anyway, my target for this blog is to update as fast as I can when I go to any restaurant. So it will be easier and faster for you to know the information, rather than waiting for me to update this blog. And I will also update and add up more interesting menu of the same restaurant which I have blogged in here, when I visit them again. So if you want to stay update about some of the restaurant foods, just explore my LIVE blog.

I’m really passionate about blogging. I love to write, but as you can see my writing skills is not that good compared to other bloggers. I really wish I could improve my writing skills by blogging. And I really want to bring to you what is the best Halal foods in town.

Lastly, I have no other words, I hope you show urs support by following or subscribing or by just “like” me on facebook. Thanks also to for the tutorial on how to setup live blog. Bye2~