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Big Portion Foods @ Williams Corner, Kelana Jaya.

Okay, this is a Chinese restaurant I think (for those of you who are very particular) but it’s halal because it served halal foods here. Besides there are many muslim eat here. This restaurant served variety of foods from western to eastern. It has its own speciality which is all its foods come with a big portion/ amount.

Mee Raja Daging @ William's

Mee Raja Daging @ William’s

Warning: This restaurant don’t have any Halal certificate (I think, because I don’t see any of it), maybe because they also offered non-halal food like: Wagyu Beef (which is non-halal because it’s had been fed with beer during breeding). But I’m sure that this restaurant is PORK FREE. Furthermore, the owner knows the difference between Halal and Non-halal foods, so he will say to you only halal foods if you are muslim. But since they also served non-halal foods, better be careful yah. IF YOU HAVE A DOUBT, PLEASE DON’T GO. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience.

The restaurant is located in Kelana Jaya, Selangor in Taman Mayang Jaya. It’s located near the Mayang Plaza which is former building for Lim Kok Wing University. The map HERE. If you see the stall it is very buruk, it is just a roadside stall made of wood, but don’t judge the book from it’s cover. But just to remind you, for those who very extra particular with the cleanliness, you are not recommended to come here~

The price of the food is quite pricey but the food came with a big amount. It is a good restaurant for the one who has a big appetite or super starving person. For whose are don’t, you may share a meal with 3 people.huhu~

The food is quite good. I like this Mee Raja Daging. Because of it’s taste and price. It’s quite cheap compared to other dishes. For better taste, you may ask for sambal. For the Mee Raja Daging, the price is RM10. So, please be carefull when you order here, I’m afraid you will be overspend.

Orait, enuff with the words, lets enjoy the picture~

Mee Raja Daging Overview


Manggo, Tembikai Laici Juice

MManggo, Tembikai Laici Juice. RM4 for this medium size.

I give them 3.5 star. For the taste and for being different from others. But not for the price and condition of the stall.

My Recomendation:
1) Nasi Goreng Ayam Pandan
2) Mee Raja Daging (RM10)
3) Chicken Kiev


This is some of the Menu & Price I managed to get (as in 12/7/2012): *Price may vary

Burger: Meat Burger Triple Cheese (RM25) + Streaky Bacon (RM30), Chicken Burger (RM25), Lamb Burger (RM25), Triple H (RM5).

Pasta: Meatball – Bolognese, Carbonara, Arrabiata (RM20) | Olive Garlic (Beef) + Pepper + Salami (RM20) | Carbonara Bacon (RM15) | Carbonara Turkey Ham (RM15) | Carbonara Smoked Duck (RM25) | Lasagne (RM15) | Lasagne Meatball (RM20) | Spinach Ricctta (RM25) | Pesto + Pepperoni (Spaghetti) (RM15) | Pesto + Pepperoni + Smoked Duck (Spaghetti) (RM25) | Pesto + Shredded Lamb Shank (Orecchiette) (RM30) | Pasta + Chicken + Mushroom + Ham + Mortadella (RM25) | Pasta + Chicken + Mushroom + Smoked Chicken (RM25) | Seafood Pasta (RM30) + Crab (RM40) – Olive Garlic, Arrabiata, Cream Sauce

Fried Rice – Nasi Goreng Ketam (Crab) (RM25) | Nasi Goreng Sotong Petai (Bitter Bean with Squid) (RM25) | Nasi Goreng Carpaccio (RM25) | Nasi Goreng Smoked Duck Ayam Pandan Grill (RM25)

Lamb Morrocan Spice + Rice (RM40) | Chicken Harissa + Morrocan Spice (RM30) | Lamb Kebab + chicken (RM30) | Salmon + Butterfish + Scampi + Sotong Sumbat (RM60) | Risotta Seafood (RM40) | Risotto Beef Medallion (RM35)

Their menu frequently being changed and add up. You may custom made your order too. You may refer their Facebook here for more updates

Addition, since I go there once more. Just for your reference if you don’t know what to order and what it will be look like. Sorry if the picture quite bad, taking from Nokia Xpress Music 5800 phone.

Spaghetti Carbonara Seafood

Spaghetti Carbonara Seafood


Macaroni and Cheese Meatball

Macaroni and Cheese Meatball

More of the Food Image: *hover to know the name of the food*

Nasi Goreng PattayaNasi Goreng Ayam PandanSee How Big the Portion of the Food!!More Mee Raja Daging

Chicken KievCarbonara Spaghetti MeatballsGrilled Lamb ChopAyam Premium

Mee Raja Daging & Ayam PandanNasi Goreng Ayam PandanPasta (Forgot the name)



  1. Man you are food lord i mean it

  2. The owner a.k.a William is actually a Mualaf. His name now is Mail. He is married to a Muslim Malay lady. So I think this place didn’t serve any non-halal food. Just sharing.

    • that’s what you think….even YOU yourself don’t know what the content of an ingredient without JAKIM’s are you really sure it’s halal, seriously?? tipical malay..

      • I just wanted to write in response to the statement that wagyu is not halal because the cattle were fed beer. The truth is- it seem many Malay/Muslim get this wrong idea- wagyu is a breed of cattle like Brahman, Angus etc. What is important is to check the halal-certification of the abbatoir or slaughterhouse. I suggest you better check the fact before writing. JAKIM recognises many overseas halal-certifying bodies. If slaughtered in the halal manner, wagyu is halal to eat.

        • ^+1 to mail baba

          wagyu beef is halal.

          its halal-ness depends on the slaughtering house/method.

          and yeah, the owner of williams converted to islam already.

  3. for those who havent come eat here….
    please do ask the price first before ordering…
    it is because the price for certain menu are quite..
    not even quite…
    so please do ask for the price first…

  4. Assalmmualaikum. I always enjoyed reading ur website ^^

    Just wanna share something I learned from a talk with Ustaz from Jakim & Majlis Agama Negeri Perak. They were discussing about halal & non-halal foods & etc. According to the Ustaz, if the food outlet served both halal & non-halal food, better avoid eating there since the cooks would normally used the same cooking utensils (pan, knife, cutting board etc) to cook both foods, thus, making the previous halal food to be non-halal; even though let’s say they washed it before cooking the halal food (which I doubt they would). In case u’re curious, they had supported their statements with hadith & Qur’an verse, but I forgot which one.

    So, I just thought you should know about this~ Let’s both be careful ok ^^

    • Waalaikumusalam~Thanks for enjoying my blog~hihi =)

      Yeah, what are you saying is true indeed~It’s better for us to leave what is “syubhah”.
      But, in this blog, I tend to be open a little bit. Not that I allow non halal food, but I will still blog about restaurant that served both halal and non halal food.

      This is because whether their Halal food is Unique/Good enough for me to blog or because I don’t want this blog to be too rigid for Muslim only.

      And, I will always remind all my beloved readers the status of the restaurant, whether they served Halal food or Both.

      Anyway, I really hope you will understand. I hope to see one day we will not have to worry whether the food was halal or not in Malaysia, because all people are using Halal product whether they are Muslim or not~I believe Halal product is the best way for all humankind~ =)

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