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Hj. Wahid Mee Rebus@Plaza Angsana, Johor[eatz.me]

Yosh~ Sorryyy for the late update~I’m at Pulau Pinang now for my family holiday~Yeah, straight holidays~ Melaka and Johore with my gf, Langkawi with my friends and Penang with my family, within 2 weeks okay~So I’m really tired travelling for the Cuti-cuti Malaysia. Okay, straight to the point, I will review all the food’s one by one okay. Please bare with me patiently~

Orait, this time I will review one of traditional food in Johore which is the famous Haji Wahid Mee Rebus. The stall is located at Plaza Angsana, Skudai, Johor Baharu. Map HERE. One of my friends told me that it has branches at Stulang, Johor near the Open University but when I checked it, it has been closed already~huhu.

I’m not sure for the opening time of the stall, but I go there on Wednesday night and it’s open. So I assume that it will open on weekdays and weekend but not sure for the hours~As it is a foodcourt, I assume it open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Erm, for me the food is good. THIS IS A MUST TRY if come to Johor. The kuah is nice. And it has something crispy on it~Just look at the picture and I’m sure you will like it~I give them 4 star, if not for the place. But who cares, it shows the originality and identity of the stall~And the price is quite cheap, RM3.50 per meal.Neway, enjoy the picture~

Pembuat Mee [eatz.me] The Mee maker

Mee Rebus Overview [eatz.me]Overview

Haji Wahid Mee Rebus 10 [eatz.me]

Haji Wahid Mee Rebus 5 [eatz.me]

Otak-Otak [eatz.me]“Otak-Otak” which is originally came from Johor~


Haji Wahid Mee Rebus [eatz.me]Haji Wahid Mee Rebus 8 [eatz.me]Haji Wahid Mee Rebus 6 [eatz.me]Haji Wahid Mee Rebus 4 [eatz.me]Haji Wahid Mee Rebus 3 [eatz.me]

Thats all guys~thanks for reading~

fadzioriq On December - 4 - 2009

One awesome commentators!! Thanks~ ^_^

  1. Salam Admin
    Mee Bandung Kuah Kacang ‘odeon’ Batu Pahat kini boleh didapati di Skudai
    Lokasi – RESTORAN ISMAAIL, 62 Jalan Keindahan 1, Taman Skudai Indah
    (Makan Panas-Panas)

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