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Restoran Murni Discovery @ Taipan USJ, Selangor.

or in English, Murni Discovery Restaurant @ Taipan 9 USJ, Selangor.


Yeah, found one more amazing restaurant at USJ Taipan Business Centre, before this I had blogged one good Ayam Penyet Restaurant HERE. Taipan Business Centre was quite famous to the Subang peoples as it offers lot of restaurant to hangout for late nite dinner or supper.

Murni Discovery Restaurant Front View


But this restaurant that I will blogged about is the newly opened restaurant and one of the branches of a “quite famous” restaurant in Kelana Jaya. The restaurant named Murni Discovery and I think they served amazing foods here.

Anyway, before going to this branch restaurant, I had go to it’s main branch, and I’m quite upset with its food =(. But this restaurant change it all and I will tell you why later. At their main branch, it’s so pack with people, service was quite late and food was not too good (to me lah). I’ve long time not going to their main branches mainly because too many people there.


So my verdict for this restaurant.

Food: Wow, it’s nice man!! Really you should try this restaurant. Ok stay calm~ Erm, to me, the food is quite good. They have plenty variation of foods, from western to local foods. Some of the dishes is a blend of Local and Western food, for example the Chicken Chop Fried Rice, so it’s quite unique here. They did provide you the menu for you to choose the dishes, but my recommendation are, as for this time (15/2/2011):

– Nasi Goreng Ayam Pandan, and

– Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop.

And I will update this recommended list as I visit the restaurant again later, InsyaAllah.

Environment: Better than the main branch. Easier to order. Bigger and Comfortable.

Price: Affordable. Not too expensive compared to Williams Corner. But food portions is smaller.

Therefore, hope you enjoy the food pictures after the break.

Visit Murni Discovery Restaurant Facebook Page.


The Menu


Chicken Chop Fried RiceNasi Goreng Chicken Chop


Tomyam Fried RiceNasi Goreng Tomyam


Ayam Pandan Fried RiceNasi Goreng Ayam Pandan


Ayam Pandan Fried RiceMee Raja Ayam Pandan – Not too good though for me.


Taking order via PDAThis one I think is the coolest, they take order using a PDA. Damn!! =)


Map: *click for larger size


Location Map

Details map: Murni Discovery USJ Map via Wikimapia

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 3° 2’47.74″N; Longitude: 101°35’14.70″E.

Big Portion Foods @ Williams Corner, Kelana Jaya.

Mee Raja Daging @ William's []

Okay, this is a Chinese restaurant I think (for those of you who are very particular) but it’s halal because it served halal foods here. Besides there are many muslim eat here. This restaurant served variety of foods from western to eastern. It has its own speciality which is all its foods come with a big portion/ amount.

Warning: This restaurant don’t have any Halal certificate (I think, because I don’t see any of it), maybe because they also offered non-halal food like: Wagyu Beef (which is non-halal because it’s had been fed with beer during breeding). But I’m sure that this restaurant is PORK FREE. Furthermore, the owner knows the difference between Halal and Non-halal foods, so he will say to you only halal foods if you are muslim. But since they also served non-halal foods, better be careful yah. IF YOU HAVE A DOUBT, PLEASE DON’T GO. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience. :alamak:

The restaurant is located in Kelana Jaya, Selangor in Taman Mayang Jaya. It’s located near the Mayang Plaza which is former building for Lim Kok Wing University. The map HERE. If you see the stall it is very buruk, it is just a roadside stall made of wood, but don’t judge the book from it’s cover. But just to remind you, for those who very extra particular with the cleanliness, you are not recommended to come here~

The price of the food is quite pricey but the food came with a big amount. It is a good restaurant for the one who has a big appetite or super starving person. For whose are don’t, you may share a meal with 3 people.huhu~

The food is quite good. I like this Mee Raja Daging. Because of it’s taste and price. It’s quite cheap compared to other dishes. For better taste, you may ask for sambal. For the Mee Raja Daging, the price is RM10. So, please be carefull when you order here, I’m afraid you will be overspend.

Orait, enuff with the words, lets enjoy the picture~

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