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Restoran Murni Discovery @ Taipan USJ, Selangor.

or in English, Murni Discovery Restaurant @ Taipan 9 USJ, Selangor.


Yeah, found one more amazing restaurant at USJ Taipan Business Centre, before this I had blogged one good Ayam Penyet Restaurant HERE. Taipan Business Centre was quite famous to the Subang peoples as it offers lot of restaurant to hangout for late nite dinner or supper.

Murni Discovery Restaurant Front View


But this restaurant that I will blogged about is the newly opened restaurant and one of the branches of a “quite famous” restaurant in Kelana Jaya. The restaurant named Murni Discovery and I think they served amazing foods here.

Anyway, before going to this branch restaurant, I had go to it’s main branch, and I’m quite upset with its food =(. But this restaurant change it all and I will tell you why later. At their main branch, it’s so pack with people, service was quite late and food was not too good (to me lah). I’ve long time not going to their main branches mainly because too many people there.


So my verdict for this restaurant.

Food: Wow, it’s nice man!! Really you should try this restaurant. Ok stay calm~ Erm, to me, the food is quite good. They have plenty variation of foods, from western to local foods. Some of the dishes is a blend of Local and Western food, for example the Chicken Chop Fried Rice, so it’s quite unique here. They did provide you the menu for you to choose the dishes, but my recommendation are, as for this time (15/2/2011):

– Nasi Goreng Ayam Pandan, and

– Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop.

And I will update this recommended list as I visit the restaurant again later, InsyaAllah.

Environment: Better than the main branch. Easier to order. Bigger and Comfortable.

Price: Affordable. Not too expensive compared to Williams Corner. But food portions is smaller.

Therefore, hope you enjoy the food pictures after the break.

Visit Murni Discovery Restaurant Facebook Page.


The Menu


Chicken Chop Fried RiceNasi Goreng Chicken Chop


Tomyam Fried RiceNasi Goreng Tomyam


Ayam Pandan Fried RiceNasi Goreng Ayam Pandan


Ayam Pandan Fried RiceMee Raja Ayam Pandan – Not too good though for me.


Taking order via PDAThis one I think is the coolest, they take order using a PDA. Damn!! =)


Map: *click for larger size


Location Map

Details map: Murni Discovery USJ Map via Wikimapia

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 3° 2’47.74″N; Longitude: 101°35’14.70″E.

Restoran Sri Utara Sup Power @ Seksyen 3 Shah Alam.

or in English, Sri Utara Sup Power Restaurant @ Section 3 Shah Alam.


Urgh, I’m sooo lazy to update my blog~huhu. Slap myself to remind the head that “Without an effort, you will not succeed” or in other words “No Pain, No Gain~”. Henniwei, this time, I want to blog about one famous Northern dishes, Soup. It’s just not a plain soup obviously, there are Chicken Soup (Not like the English style chicken soup, see the image later), Cow Meat Soup, Cow Stomach Soup and etc. Sorry if my translation of the menu are wrong, I literally translate them. Please comment for better translation~=)


The Kitchen

Anyway, if you came to Shah Alam, the most famous Northern Soup will be the restaurant named Ani Sup Utara. That restaurant is quite expensive compared to this. So this is an alternative to that restaurant. Anyway, I will blog about that restaurant later.

Straight to the point as I intended this to be just a short and simple post, this is my verdict on this restaurant.

FOOD: It was amazingly delicious. Not only me liked it, but also my friends. The menu looks same like Restaurant Ani Sup Utara menu, but Ani Sup had more bigger menu. For example, they have Nasi Sup Set (you may choose different kind of soup per set) which also available in Ani Sup Utara restaurant.

Food I recommend: Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice), Bihun Sup Ayam Goreng (Mee Hoon Soup with Fried Chicken) and Moi Ayam/Daging (Moi, Kedahrian’s food).

ENVIRONMENT: Erm, typical small stall in Malaysia. But I really think they should enlarge their shop. Sometimes during lunch time they don’t have enough place for the customer.

PRICE: Affordable, not too expensive. Reasonable for a student like me to go for lunch frequently~=P

Anyway, enjoy the picture after the break~Location map included below.

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Now We Go Live!!


Yosh, long time not updating this blog under “Admin Blurbs” category. Under this category I will update on the current progress of this blog. Anyway, actually there are no major progress on this blog, but there’s one interesting news want to tell you.



I want to introduce you our new website, kinda like of our little brotha, Erm, as the domain spell, I hope you know that this is our live blog. Actually, I had dreamed to have this live blog for quite some time before. But unfortunately I just don’t have the gears to do that. Before this I had a phone with a camera but it wasn’t enough because it doesn’t have flash on it. It was hard because I always go eating in good restaurant at night, this bring disadvantage to me.

Anyway, as my old phone had damaged (because I accidently going into swimming pool with it), so I get new phone which fulfil my needs, yeay!! Alhamdulillah~ Mind you I’m not came from a rich family, I buy this with my own saving money and half had been top up by my mum.


Just for your information, live blogging is where the bloggers are updating their blog through their mobile phones. So the post of the blog will be as instant as what the bloggers is currently doing. It was good for those who love to report any news or information that occurred around them faster in their blog.


My Target.

Anyway, my target for this blog is to update as fast as I can when I go to any restaurant. So it will be easier and faster for you to know the information, rather than waiting for me to update this blog. And I will also update and add up more interesting menu of the same restaurant which I have blogged in here, when I visit them again. So if you want to stay update about some of the restaurant foods, just explore my LIVE blog.

I’m really passionate about blogging. I love to write, but as you can see my writing skills is not that good compared to other bloggers. I really wish I could improve my writing skills by blogging. And I really want to bring to you what is the best Halal foods in town.

Lastly, I have no other words, I hope you show urs support by following or subscribing or by just “like” me on facebook. Thanks also to for the tutorial on how to setup live blog. Bye2~

Restoran Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung @ Jalan Ali Pitchay, Ipoh.

or in English, Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung Restaurant @ Ali Pitchay Road, Ipoh Perak.


Ok this time I want to blog to you about one more good food in Ipoh for you to try. Ipoh is the hometown of Perak. It has a lot of good food for the food-lovers to explore. I was unable to explore all the good halal food here, but someday will do it, InsyaAllah.

Anyway, for this restaurant, I really impressed with the variety of the food available. If you look at the menu, there are plenty of food to try for, from Local to Western food.


But the signature dish of this Restaurant is Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung, as it’s name. So, I come here to taste how good it is. Before that, for you who don’t know what is Ayam Kampung is, literally it means “Village Chicken” but the terms is use for the chicken which is not breed in a farm, where it had been given some antidote or some scientific medication. Ayam Kampung will stay virgin and natural without any modern injection or medication.

My Verdict.

Food: Sorry to say it, I think the Nasi Lemak was not good enough to impress me. But not the Ayam Kampung. I really don’t know the real taste of Ayam Kampung, so for me it’s was just OKAY, not more nor less. I’ve go for better Nasi Lemak before, so this restaurant in not meeting my standard.

However, remember this, this is merely my personal opinion about the Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung menu, so don’t trust me too much, I’m not a professional food taster anyway.

And, I did think the other food in this restaurant is quite amazing. For example the Eel Soup, Chicken Chop (quite good) and Nasi Goreng Kampung. The Menu here are quite big, so there are plenty of choices you could try.

There are also some Bubur Manis (Sweet Porridge) and Seafood.

Environment: I WOWed at this restaurant environment. It was big and comfortable. And it’s air-conditioned, but you may choose to go for open air in front of the restaurant.

panorama nasilemak copy2 

Price: It’s a bit pricey for the Ipohrians I guess? But this time I’m not very sure, you’lll need to go yourself and decide ok? To me, the Nasi Lemak  Ayam Kampung is a bit pricey, but maybe because it’s using Ayam Kampung.


A bit info about this restaurant:

– It’s only open from 4.30pm till 2.00am only. So you will only able to go for dinner and supper only.

– This restaurant is located at Jalan Yang Kalsom, near the famous Nasi Vanggey and Nasi Ganja stall.

Anyway, enough talk, enjoy the picture taken after the break.

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Malaysian’s First Speed Train, ETS KTMB – Part 2.


Okay, I’ve explain to you some about this ETS service in the first part of it. You may refer it HERE. I think the post is too long, so I will continue here.

panorama Ipoh Train Station copy

Panoramic View of Ipoh Train Station waiting area. *click to enlarge*

The train interior.

In the train, they have TV set. They show some cartoon programme and sometimes I see some new movie trailer being shown. This was quite nice I think.

They also give you the power socket. So if it happen some of you want to use your laptop or want to charge your drying batteries, you may do it.


The toilet was very neat. It has a good scent also. =) Train also clean, and new. But I don’t really like the seat, It was like the Rapid KL busses seat, huhu.


 The train was new and it’s very comfortable during the trip.

However, I would like to suggest them some other features they could offer. Please have Free WIFI. Please, Please, Please. I know it would be possible to do it.

I believe that’s all for now that I could review for this ETS service. Enjoy some picture below after the break.

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One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race


Yeah, at last I see the contest that are suitable for the food and travel bloggers like me. It’s The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race contest that had been organized by Nuffnang. :nomnomnom:


The reason I would love to be a part of this Maxis Om Nom Nom Race is because it is my passion toward foods. I love to eat, I love to travel, I love that Malaysia had a very large selection of foods!! And now I see like this is a good chance for me to have a good time taking the challenge!! Yeah, I’m soo excited to go for this contest, thanks Nuffnang and Maxis.

And as this is a grouping work, like the famous Amazing Race, so here is our group members~(Tgk group member pun dah tau group nih bleh menang,okay jgn confident sgt okay)
@broframestone (group leader), @hilalazmi, @khaizarien and ME!! yeay~

Our group name is Kaki Makan.

This challenge was sponsored by Maxis so it will involve the iPhone 4, the Finder301 application and Wireless Broadband, all available through Maxis. Refer to the Maxis Wireless plan site and Maxis finder apps below to know more.

The Iphone will be given to you!!
What!! We get an Iphone for each contestant?!! like seriousli?? Thanks Maxis!!! Actually the Iphone was just being lent to the contestant for a while~Anyway, its okay, although I’m not getting it, but it will be great if I can hold and use it for a while~hoho

The Iphone will be powered by the Maxis Wireless Broadband plan, which is seems quite cool yaww~This Iphone is also powered by the Maxis FINDER301 iphone apps.

The Maxis FINDER301 Iphone apps is a free apps that can help you a lot when you are travelling in Malaysia. This apps will show you the location of important place such as Restaurants, Hospitals/ Clinic, Banks and others that nearest to you. So if you are lost in the middle of Kuala Lumpur City, this apps will be your best friend~

Anyway, yeah, can’t wait to take the challenge, really hope they accept my submission~huu :naknanges: So Maxis or Nuffnang, Fly me like a g6!!

btw, for the t-shirt I would like to take M size please~ :lalala1:

Malaysian’s First Speed Train, ETS KTMB. – Part 1


Last time, on my other blog, I had wrote on my experience taking the ETS train from Ipoh to KL. I had the great experience though. But now, I want to, sort of, made a review on this great service offered by the KTMB.


So, what is ETS?

ETC stands for Electronic Train Service, launched in 2010. It first route was between Ipoh (Perak) to KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur) to Seremban (Negeri Sembilan), but will be extending throughout the west side on Malaysia to Padang Besar and Johor Bahru.


About the Train and Service.

It fast. Actually it not lah as fast as the one in China, but we Malaysians had small country so this train was already good enough for us. It can go about 160kmph on top speed. Maybe because the design of the train and the rail was not made to go too fast.


Mostly it runs between 140 to 160 km/h.

It also very accurate in time yaww. Normally, it will only late for like 5 minutes and below. However, I’m not guaranteed this okay, you know, even in country like Japan, problem might happen~who knows~Every ticket will stated the time you’ll depart and time you will arrive. And also the time estimated for the journey. And I’ve been riding for 3 times all are very sharp in timing

There are 2 types of train available. Express train and Shuttle train. Obviously the Express train will be faster than Shuttle train rite?!haha~Because the Express train will stop to other stations lesser in its journey. The estimated time for Express is 1 hour 45 minutes, Shuttle 2 hours and 15 minutes.


Comparisons with other public transportations.

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Exclusive Breakfast @ Shook!! Cafe, JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur


In my previous post, I already talk about my stay at JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur. You may refer here to read it. This time, I want to review the breakfast they serve here. As before, I get to review this because they give free breakfast for one person if we stay here as hotel guest. But if you want to add up person or eat there without being a hotel guest, RM 55 per person will be charge to you.


Anyway, I think the food here is good yaww~And I was amazed by the variety of food they serve!! I wish I can try their Lunch and Dinner one day, huhu. It was worth for RM 55 of your penny, I presume.

Maybe I shall make some short list of the food they served here:

1) Pastries – Croissant, Muffins (4 flavours I think), Bread (Normal Bread, Oat, maybe more I’m not sure), etc.

2) Western – Sausage, Grilled Meat, Omelette, Scramble Egg, Baked Beans, etc.

3) Chinese – Wantan Mee, Lotus Pau, and some of it I not sure of the name.

4) Malay – Nasi Lemak (The sambal is sooo hot yaww~), some Kuih, Bacon Fried Rice (It’s Chicken Bakon for sure and I’m not sure whether this is Malay food or not,hehe), Fried Yellow Mee.

5) Indian – Various Roti Canai ie: Roti Pisang, Roti Telur, Roti Tisu, etc just like mamak stall. Got Chapatti, Tosai.

6) Arabian – Hummus (I just thought this maybe an Arabian food, but I’m not sure what it is. I’m reluctant to try it, huhu.)

7) Cereal – Got 6 different flavours I think.

8 ) Salad – I’m not trying this, because I don’t like it, but I just wow’ed at various vage you may choose. Also there are like 4 or more different cheese you may choose.

9) Fruits – So much choices, Pineapple, Watermelon, Apple, etc.

10) Dessert – Pancake, Waffle, etc.

11) Drinks – Hot: Coffee or Tea; Cold: there are like 12 various flavours of fruits juices.

Erm, I think that’s all I can remember for now. There are more for sure. I wonder what will they serve for Lunch and Dinner, there must a lot of food to choose. I think the food here is marvellous. Me like the food, maybe because there are a lot of choices they give and the treatment they give.

It feels good sometimes to eat at such an exclusive place. Maybe its a good place to treat your loved one here. There are also other restaurants available here. From what I see, there are Arabian food restaurant, Korean and Chinese food.

Anyway, I think this post will be fail without a picture as a prove for my words, so enjoy the food-toshot after the break. Just to warn you as usual, the amount of the picture is quite big, hope you can patiently wait for it to load.

DSC02772 The looks of the Restaurant.

Anyway, lets go one by one from what I take first, ok? First I tried the Western Breakfast, Omelette, Smoked Meat, Sausage and some Baked Beans. See the picture below.



DSC02771 So this is what I take.

Next…still hungry for some rice (typical malay appetite~huhu), so found this. Continue reading

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