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or in English, Sri Utara Sup Power Restaurant @ Section 3 Shah Alam. Salam, Urgh, I’m sooo lazy to update my blog~huhu. Slap myself to remind the head that “Without an effort, you will not succeed” or in other words “No Pain, No Gain~”. Henniwei, this time, I want to blog about one famous Northern dishes, Soup. It’s just not a plain soup obviously, there are Chicken Soup (Not like the English style chicken soup, see the image later), Cow […]

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Salam, Yosh, long time not updating this blog under “Admin Blurbs” category. Under this category I will update on the current progress of this blog. Anyway, actually there are no major progress on this blog, but there’s one interesting news want to tell you.   I want to introduce you our new website, kinda like of our little brotha, Eatz.me/LIVE. Erm, as the domain spell, I hope you know that this is our live blog. Actually, I had dreamed to […]

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or in English, Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung Restaurant @ Ali Pitchay Road, Ipoh Perak. Ok this time I want to blog to you about one more good food in Ipoh for you to try. Ipoh is the hometown of Perak. It has a lot of good food for the food-lovers to explore. I was unable to explore all the good halal food here, but someday will do it, InsyaAllah. Anyway, for this restaurant, I really impressed with the variety of […]

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Salam. Okay, I’ve explain to you some about this ETS service in the first part of it. You may refer it HERE. I think the post is too long, so I will continue here. Panoramic View of Ipoh Train Station waiting area. *click to enlarge* The train interior. In the train, they have TV set. They show some cartoon programme and sometimes I see some new movie trailer being shown. This was quite nice I think. They also give you […]

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Salam, Yeah, at last I see the contest that are suitable for the food and travel bloggers like me. It’s The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race contest that had been organized by Nuffnang. The reason I would love to be a part of this Maxis Om Nom Nom Race is because it is my passion toward foods. I love to eat, I love to travel, I love that Malaysia had a very large selection of foods!! And now I see […]

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Salam, Last time, on my other blog, I had wrote on my experience taking the ETS train from Ipoh to KL. I had the great experience though. But now, I want to, sort of, made a review on this great service offered by the KTMB. So, what is ETS? ETC stands for Electronic Train Service, launched in 2010. It first route was between Ipoh (Perak) to KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur) to Seremban (Negeri Sembilan), but will be extending throughout the […]

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Salam, In my previous post, I already talk about my stay at JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur. You may refer here to read it. This time, I want to review the breakfast they serve here. As before, I get to review this because they give free breakfast for one person if we stay here as hotel guest. But if you want to add up person or eat there without being a hotel guest, RM 55 per person will be charge […]

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Salam, OMG I’m so excited to blog about this yaww. This is my first hotel review. Last week I get to experienced one of the exclusive hotel franchise in the world, which is the JW Marriott Hotel Group. As some of us know, JW Marriott is a quite famous hotel group, they have so many branches in the world, ie Indonesia, Malaysia, US, and many more. Apart from having a lot of branches, they also offer a 5 Star hospitality […]

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