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Salam, Before anything, Prima 2 is located in Seksyen 2 Shah Alam.The stall is located at the first row from the UiTM College and near the Seksyen 2 Bus stop. Okay, before this I had made a review to this food court, among others: Ayam Penyet, ABC Pegaga, Wawasan 2020. But this time I will just make a short review about this one stall that offer kinda unique beverages. The drinks called Ice Oyen (Ais Oyen). What makes this drink […]

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Salam, Helllloooowwww guys!! How are you? I wish you have a Good day and Happy life there~ As usual, I will write some update about any progress in this blog to gives you view of what’s going on in this site. This update will be post randomly when I feel there’s a need to do it because I don’t think this site is famous enough to do a regular monthly/week update, hehe. Anyway, there are just a couple of minor […]

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Or in English, Yummy Seafoods @ Aroma Ikan Bakar Restaurant, Kuala Selangor, Selangor. Salam, Yeah guys, finally have the time to update this blog. Okay this time I want to blog about one good Halal Seafood Restaurant in Selangor. Okay2, I know it was too overated for me to described this Restaurant as “Terbaik (The Best) di Selangor”. I believed there are more good Restaurant out there, but this restaurant did impress me not only with their food, but something […]

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Salam Dear Readers~ Haha~ I purposely put my best friend picture on top of this post, just to promote him to the readers, he’s still single you know~hehe   Anyway, Hello and welcome again to all readers!! After quite a long time not posting to this blog, I finally have the time to write. As I had mentioned before in my post, I had an examination to go through and now I’m free plus, I will have a holidays for […]

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in Malay, Lagi-lagi Ayam Penyet @ Restoran Wong Solo, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Salam, Ok this is just a quick and simple update, before I’m going to focus on my studies since the examination is around the corner. After this I will not updating this blog until my examination ends, which expected to be on the middle of May. Anyway, this time I would like to share one more good Ayam Penyet restaurant for ya in Shah Alam. Some of […]

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Salam, AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!~ *Scream like a Justin Bieber fans when they saw him =..=”* Urghhh~ This competition really fascinate me. This is the type of competition that I really want to join. You Eat, You Blog, and then YOU WIN PRIZESSSSS!!!! Om Nom Nom~ Huhhh, what can be better for me. Anyway, forget about my ultra excitement on this competition, let’s just had a brief info about this competition. This competition was organised by Selangorlicious, a group (or website?) that promote […]

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Salam, Yup, before this I had review one stall in this place that also served Western dishes, you may refer that post here. But I think, that stall is not so special compared to what I will review this time. The main difference about this stall compared to the previous stall is that, this stall served the steak in sizzling way (by using hotplate). This bring the uniqueness in the food. But, later I will served you the picture~ Anyway, […]

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or in English, Murni Discovery Restaurant @ Taipan 9 USJ, Selangor. Salam, Yeah, found one more amazing restaurant at USJ Taipan Business Centre, before this I had blogged one good Ayam Penyet Restaurant HERE. Taipan Business Centre was quite famous to the Subang peoples as it offers lot of restaurant to hangout for late nite dinner or supper.   But this restaurant that I will blogged about is the newly opened restaurant and one of the branches of a “quite […]

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