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Good & Fresh Tempura @ Gerai Hasnik Seri Menanti, Terengganu.


Hello, yes, in continuation of my post regarding my trip to Terengganu and Kelantan. You may refer my other post here: Seri Cerana Restaurant & Chalet, Kelantan | Satay Ikan, Terengganu.

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Salam Syawal 1432H/2011

Salam Aidilfitri to Muslim readers~


WOW, the time fly soo fast, it feels like yesterday we have our first day of Ramadhan. Anyway just want to make a short post just to wish you Happy Hari Raya Eidulfitri!!~ Forgive me for any wrongdoings I had done in publishing the article in this blog. I’m only a human beings where sometimes I do mistakes to others.

Anyway, have a nice Raya everyone~ ^_^v

Satay Ikan @ Masjid Terapung, Terengganu.


Okay, short post, continuation of my blog post regarding my trip to Kelantan and Terengganu. Before this I had blogged one of the restaurant that I visited during my trip to Kelantan and Terengganu, view here: Restaurant Seri Cerana & Chalet, Kelantan.

Oh btw, I forgot to mention in the previous post that this is my first time going to this two states, so I may not cover the best foodspot this time~I’m looking forward to come again and discover more interesting foodspot there.

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Seri Cerana Restaurant @ Pinggiran Sungai Pengkalan Datu, Kelantan


This time I want to blog about the restaurant/foodspot that I went during my trip to Kelantan and Terenganu. I really have a great time there, and looking forward to come here again in the future to explore more interesting foodspot as I know, Terengganu and Kelantan is a very unique state in Malaysia when it come to local dishes.

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Salam Ramadhan 1432H/2011

Salam, Yosh, I hope it’s not too late wishing you that. This is because my server had a breakdown last weekend, so I was unable to update this blog, huhue~ It’s already been a year since the last Ramadhan?! Time fly so fast isn’t it? I feel like it was yesterday since we celebrated the last Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Anyway, I don’t have much to say, but will bring you a little bit of my life and site update so that you know the current progress of this blog~ ^_^

1) Im not single anymore, yeayyyyyyy!!!!

Ok that is so random right? *tibe2 je orang tak tny pon* hahaha~

Yup, I’m not single anymore, my GF name is Rebel or sometimes people call it 600D~yeah, it is a sexayyy Canon EOS 600D. Urgh I’m so excited to tell about this , it’s like a dream come true, it’s my dream item since I come to this world~ T_T *Okay, I think I’m overreacted*

(Ok stop from being a foreveralone.jpg mode)

Anyway, I really have a big plan for this blog, this new camera is one small step to my objective for this blog. Anyhow, I hope I can achieve my objective. ^_^ Thanks to my father for advancing the money first to buy this camera. This is the best Raya Present or maybe birthday present to me!! ^_^

myexluvnikoncoolpixL19My Ex~hehehe *Still love her but has to pass it to my sister*


 My New GF~wiiii~

*note the difference of the image quality where the first image is taken by my DSLR and second by the Point N Shot camera.


 My live blog gear~

Ok wait, you might think that I’m a rich fag that can afford anything I want right? And just want to show off my stuff to anyone in this world right?! Well you are wrong, I’m not that type of person, I’ve worked hard for this, no easy way for me. However, I’m always be grateful with what I have now, Alhamdulillah~All this is come from Allah and He can take it anytime, anyhow from me.

2) New layout

Yes, as you can see, I’m changing to a new theme. It’s not my previous layout is ugly whatnot, but Internet Explorer had made it looks bad to the reader and they will have the problem in term of surfing this blog. So I decided to change the layout. It was a simple layout based on a free theme offered by

However this new theme is not done yet. There are still some parts that need to be change, but I really don’t have much time to do that and I need to release this theme immediately to replace the old theme. So here we goes, incomplete theme~huhue If you found any bugs etc, please do tell me okay? Huhue~

3) I’m quite busy and will be rarely update this blog~ =(

I has started working as a partimer in Ipoh right now, so my day are full with workloads, except during night. I will try my best to update this blog regularly. I really hope I have the time to blog as it is my passion. But I must not neglect my main responsibility as a son and student, I have to give my priority to my work before going for blogging. So I hope you will understand me~huhue

Anyway, that’s all for now, Happy Fasting~My we get the blessing and forgiveness from Allah during this Ramadhan~InsyaAllah.

Enjoy this videoclip:

Steamboat @ Uptown Shah Alam, Seksyen 24.


Okay, this is another short post from me. This should be wrote by me long time ago, but I forget to do that until I found back the picture, huhu.

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Ais Oyen @ Anika De’ Fresh, Prima 2, Shah Alam.


Before anything, Prima 2 is located in Seksyen 2 Shah Alam.The stall is located at the first row from the UiTM College and near the Seksyen 2 Bus stop.

Okay, before this I had made a review to this food court, among others: Ayam Penyet, ABC Pegaga, Wawasan 2020.

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Blog Update June 2011/ Rejab 1432



Helllloooowwww guys!! How are you? I wish you have a Good day and Happy life there~

As usual, I will write some update about any progress in this blog to gives you view of what’s going on in this site. This update will be post randomly when I feel there’s a need to do it because I don’t think this site is famous enough to do a regular monthly/week update, hehe.

Anyway, there are just a couple of minor update had been done to this site. First and the most important update is that I had use URL shortener in some of the link or image link which will need you to go to an advertisement landing page for a couple of 5 seconds before you can go to the real intended page for the link.


HOW TO USE: You will need to click Skip Ads button on the upper right to go to the real page that you intended. The reason why I use in some of my links is because are paying me for some impressions that I make, so I’m trying to make some money here, merely to support the development of this site. I need to pay for my hosting, domain etc and I wish to buy better camera and better hosting plan in the future, InsyaAllah.

However, I’m not imposing this to all links and image. So you wouldn’t feel any big difference to the performance or usage in this blog, hopefully. But I’m sorry if you feel any inconvenience from this implementation.

Next I want to mention here are regarding the traffic progress of this site. I will show you the traffic of this blog from the launching date. *by Cpanel Webalizer as my Clicky stats is not showing from the first date I install the blog*


I don’t really know how to read this properly, but from what I see is that the graph is increasing~=P

Alhamdulillah that this sites is growing bigger from time to time although it’s not as big or faster as other blogs that have the same niche as mine. Although the reader or visitor is growing, I hope this blog is functioning well for more traffic in the future.

Third, regarding my Live Blog. Right now I’m experiencing high server load problem where my server load keep exceeding the limit~huhu. So I have to move this blog to a new place. I had moved it to blogger using new address which is

Finally, the Fasting month is coming again, during Fasting month there must be a Bazaar Ramadhan everywhere that sell foods for the Buka Puasa (Break fasting) time. This time I will be fasting in Ipoh with my family because my semester holidays extended for 3 month till September. So I’m thinking of reviewing the Bazaar Ramadhan in Ipoh, InsyaAllah. But this is not confirm yet, depend on whether I had time and opportunity or not.

Okay, that’s all for the site update. If you have any suggestion, comment etc., you may just contact me through my email or my twitter or facebook fan page or you may just leave a comment here or at the About Me page.

Have a nice day, Bon Appétit~

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