Following the last year’s tradition, I am releasing the first version of the Malaysia Horse Calendar for the year 2020. Why I say it is the first version is because at this moment I cannot finalize on the school holidays as the official release of the schedule have yet to be issued by the government (Ministry of Education specifically).

Therefore, at interim, I release the first version of Malaysian Horse Calendar pending the issuance of the official schedule by the government for ease reference by you. Kindly take note that there is no school holidays yet in the calendar.

Therefore, enjoy~


Disclaimer: This calendar has been carefully crafted for precision. I will update it from time to time if there is any error on it. However, I shall not be responsible for any damage or loss for the usage of this calendar. Kindly let me know if there is any discrepancies in the calendar.

Note: If you are sharing or using this calendar in you website or apps or any social media, appreciate if you could credit it to me or link to my blog. Tq~

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– 25/08/2019 (V1): Release of the 2020 Malaysian Calendar. Without the school holiday’s date.