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Yes, lately I’ve been posting most of the restaurant at Section 7 Commercial Center, Shah Alam. You may refer my recent post here: Nasi Kukus, RZ Restaurant & Catering @ Pusat Komersial Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. | Thai Asam Fish Restaurant @ Section 7 Commercial Center, Shah Alam.

Perhaps because I’m ending my journey as a student at UiTM Shah Alam, so I decide to write a post of interesting food spot in Pusat Komersial alone because this area is quite famous among UiTM students/staffs/lecturers.


Anyway, for this restaurant, it is quite famous among the student. This maybe because the price of the food is quite cheap plus there are very wide variety of dishes available, and the food is delicious too.

I personally like this restaurant. But this place is very crowded with people, mostly student, to have their lunch, especially during semester. So, it is best to avoid it during peak time, I think between 12.30 till 2.00 pm.

My Verdict:-

Food: Food is quite nice. They have very wide variety of dishes. Mainly the restaurant served Malay Traditional food, but I see there are coleslaw, so it’s not 100% malay tradional dish. Which is good I think.

Price: Cheap. That’s the main reason I think many UiTM students eat here. Though I think the price are quite cheap, the quality of the food is good.

Environment: Like typical malay restaurant. Might be quite crowded during peak hour.

Other Additional details: Operating hours between 10AM till night. Anyway, enjoy the pictures below~


Look at the choice of dishes available.







And this is what I took. A lil bit of Ulam and I really love Ayam Goreng!


Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*

View it on Wikimapia:- Restoran Umi, Selera Kampung @ Section 7 Commercial Centre, Shah Alam, Selangor.


GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  3° 3’58.77"N; Longitude: 101°29’24.18"E.

fadzioriq On March - 20 - 2013

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