Halal N Lovin' It

Or in English Malay Cooked Mixed Rice @ Restaurant Haji Yahya, Ipoh.

Lauk We take [Eatz.me] Before this I had reviewed good Prawn Fried Rice near my attachment place. This restaurant is one of the good destination for lunch in Ipoh. I also always go here during my attachment. The food is good and it has a variety of dishes. But the price is maybe slightly higher but still reasonable.

The location of the restaurant will be included below. To me, the food is good, the variety of them makes me don’t know what to choose for. So I picked the “Ayam Masak Merah” because I like it and it taste great. I take several of ulam like Petai. The place is clean but not exclusive and it was located very near to a junction. The price is a bit high for me. But the speciality of these place overcome it, I mean the variety and taste of the food. So 4 star for them in my opinion, I not sure about you.  I think I have nothing to say anymore, let’s just go to the food-toshot. Read More please~

Above are some of the dishes we take. There are variety of them.

Lauk-Pauk 3 [Eatz.me]See how many “Masak Lemak” they have. “Ketam Masak Lemak”, Udang Masak Lemak”, “Ikan Masak Lemak”, etc

Lauk-Pauk [Eatz.me]

Lauk-Pauk 2 [Eatz.me]

Ulam's [Eatz.me]Variety of Ulam-ulaman
Sambal-Sambal [Eatz.me] Variety of sambal you may choose~

So, these are some of the close up of the food-toshot~
Ikan Keli Masak Merah [Eatz.me] Ketam Masak Lemak [Eatz.me] Ayam Merah And Telur Goreng [Eatz.me]

So, where is the location?:
salamah restaurant
Or you may refer more details grid on wikimapia HERE.

fadzioriq On January - 14 - 2010

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